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3 things you didn’t know about male enhancement pills

Hi and welcome to Mr Porn Geek – So lets get into it. First and foremost, this is science. It’s not fake, it’s not witchcraft, and it’s not even marginally questionable. It’s chemistry and medicine combined to serve men’s best interests. Most people don’t even know how this entire segment of the industry came to be. Well, let me school you a bit on that. “The little blue pill”, you know the original one, was discovered by accident. These lab techs were developing a blood pressure medicine when they discovered a neat side effect, you know the one that keeps your willy standing at attention. Well, one of them had a brilliant idea to continue working on it and turned it into a separate product. Years later, it was revealed that the boner pill made 10 times more money than the original blood pressure medicine. And if you ask me, it probably saved more lives as well, because let’s face it; you are only alive as long as you can get it up, right? Anyhow, let’s get back to the actual science. Male enhancement pills are designed and developed in the lab, using natural ingredients that are proven to increase your libido. In fact, they are under such scrutiny just because they need to be extra safe not to mess with your heart and blood pressure. Yeah, and getting sick from a dick pill doesn’t look good on a hospital sheet so these scientists make sure not to fuck it up.

So Mr. Porn Geek What’s the rules?

Male enhancement products are legal. Yeah, I’ll bet you haven’t heard that sentence in a while, if ever. But they are, in fact, legal in 90% of the countries. Just like any other supplement, they have to be issued a license in order to be sold to the general public and many of them get this license without having to change anything in the formula. “But how come I can’t buy some of these in the drug store?” Well, that’s not about science, legality, safety or anything like that. It’s about money! Development of these products is not cheap and to make matters worse, big pharma is making sure that the little guys constantly get squeezed out. But the quality stuff really comes from the small companies because they have to make it really good in order to compete with these giant conglomerates. So they sell it online to cut costs and to reach a wider audience. So whenever you hear “that shit is illegal” just shut that idiot up and school him. It is as illegal as the foot fungus crème you buy at the supermarket.

Can you tell me the amount of guys that are using these dick pills?

Sure! The last thing you probably didn’t know is the actual usage numbers. While many studies have tried to determine the percentage of people who tried and use male enhancement pills, getting mixed results, they only number you really have to look at is the sales. The companies making these products are killing it and for a good reason. These products sell great because they get the job done. You know why beer sells? It’s because it gets the job done. Aspirin? The same. What else? Porn? The same!!! It is a fact not a speculation that these products are popular, simple as that.

Male enhancement, dick pills, boner crèmes… Why would I use those when my dick works just fine?

Awh, you are not asking the right question. The right question is why shouldn’t you use them? Your logic is backwards here. It’s called male enhancement for a reason. If the sex is good, wouldn’t more of it be better? If your dick works great, wouldn’t be wise to use it more often and for longer periods of time? Do you see what I’m getting at? These products don’t just make limp dicks hard, they improve the performance overall, even for those that are working just fine. Remember one thing; “just fine” doesn’t really belong in the bedroom. “just fine” turns you into a boring car salesman, not the actual stud your woman wanted to bang! It is the same as coffee practically. You woke up in the morning just fine but you still drank that huge jug of coffee. Why did you do that? Cause it helps you perform better. Don’t listen to the people who never tried it. Listen to the ones who did! Male enhancement products, dick pills, boner drugs, whatever the name you can think off, research it. Read the testimonials of the people who actually used them! Or simply read our product reviews. Heck, that’s what this whole section is about. We do the research and review them. Check out some of the ones we tested and see how we feel about them.

These dick pills sound fucking amazing! How do I get some?

Finally, you are asking the most important question. First of all, you can get male enhancement products anywhere. The pharmacy may seem like the most obvious choice, but that doesn’t make it the best. They don’t usually offer the best stuff and it’s more expensive to buy these products at a pharmacy. And the pharmacy has the obvious drawbacks of having to actually physically pick it up, which again is an inconvenience. So, online shopping is the way to go? Well, yes and no. Same as every other online purchase, you have to pay attention to the store you are buying it from. But, since you are reading this, it means you already know about that and you know that your best choice is one of the stores we review. Read some of our reviews, pick the ones that suit your needs the best and fire away. There are other options for procuring these supplements but since I already told you the best one, there is no need to look further. The prices can vary, and some of these pills can get quite pricey. On the other hand, can you really put a price on great sex as opposed to “just fine” and are you really that “rich” to afford cutting costs on dick pills?

The conclusion!

If you were looking for the section that will help you decide whether you want to buy male enhancement products, you’ve come to the right place. If you came looking for good products in the niche and advice on how to get them, you’ve come to the right place. If you came to see if these products work and convince yourself that you don’t need them, fuck off and come back when you get a grip of yourself.



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