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Mr. Porn Geek visits Lewd Ninja

Howdy friends: it’s Mr. Porn Geek here and yes, I’m back yet again with another review on a gaming platform. I think it’s safe to say that these days, the world of porn gaming has quickly become something that people have fallen for. While a decade ago, this genre was pretty limited and without much content, it’s very much alive and kicking in the modern era. What’s the deal with that? For me, I think it’s all about the quality – so many fantastic games out there for punters to wank off over! Anyway, I mention this all because I’m going to be writing up a full review on a place called Lewd Ninja – allegedly, they have the best adult games and comics in the business. Is it any good? Read below to find out – I’ll tell you soon enough!

First impressions on Lewd Ninja

I like the fact that the homepage here has a nice dark mode theme – when it’s the middle of the night and you’re playing with your dick, you really don’t want to be blinded by a pure white display area. The games are sorted by default based on when they were added to the archive – they also have a section for when new patches drop, and it seems like they make a distinction between these two concepts. I actually agree that it’s a good system and I’ve seen other porn gaming website neglect to consider these two things individually, instead opting for the ‘new patch, new game’ approach that makes reviews and analysis of updates a little confusing to say the very least.

At the top of the page they have featured games and as you scroll down, you’ll see some of the comics that are available here. The comics seem to be also accompanied by 3D animation sex scenes – the modern style that tries to parody works from time to time that we’ve all come to know and love. I should make a point here that Lewd Ninja doesn’t actually create any of its own games, comics or 3D sex animations: that’s all done by third parties and instead, their job is just to collect and document what the visitor wants. I’m unsure if they have any quality control, but aside from just ignoring anything that’s really terrible, I think anything goes here, and they basically let you guys decide whether or not the porn experience is worth it.

Looking at Lewd Ninja games

Games come with a decent level of general meta information, a few screenshots, previous versions (I really like this) and of course, a bunch of tags for you to understand what it is that you’re getting involved with. They offer download links from various third-party hosts with my favorite preference – Mega – as an option. What you’ll typically find is that the rest of the hosts will require you to pay a monthly fee for access to downloads and to get even one game, you will need to cough up cash. Mega as a third-party host typically gives you quite a few downloads before requiring an account and even then, they’re competitive with their pricing. As a result of Lewd Ninja using these third-party content distributors, the speeds are incredibly quick – you’re never going to be bottlenecked by the servers, put it that way!

As for the games in terms of quality and experience: I think that they’re very much focused on the modern Patreon style of game, and then the Japanese domestic market with English translations as and when appropriate. Lots of 3D visual novels with a decent chunk of incest – exactly what Mr. Porn Geek loves!

A conclusion on Lewd Ninja

Friends, I’ve had a great time looking at this website and honestly, there really aren’t too many more things to say. It comes to you with a collection of titles, accessing them is easy and yeah – there’s not much else that needs to be said. I do think this is a good platform, although I dislike how it forces you to disable ad block. The good news is that there aren’t too many adverts, so as far as bad things go, this isn’t exactly a deal breaker.

Review Pros
  • Free games
  • Large content archive
  • Regular new updates
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Limited descriptions