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What’s the point of dating sites?

For a lot of people, finding locals that want to find a partner – or just a good time – can be a bit of a pain. Often, you’ll have to head out on a Friday or Saturday night, go to a venue that’s hot, cramped and full of drunken idiots, attempt to talk to a girl over the loud music and never have any idea of whether or not they’re good for it. For that reason, dating sites were introduced – places for people to communicate and interact with one another over the Internet with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. You also get to learn a lot about a person from a dating site and what their interests are, which they might not otherwise tell you in person. Ultimately, the point is to get to know locals that are actively looking for someone to date or someone to fuck.

But are these places legitimate?

If you asked me this question 10 years ago, I’d probably say that you should steer clear of these types of destinations. That said, the modern era means that young people are becoming more and more inclined to broadcast themselves as looking for action. I mean, Tinder kicked off big time and that’s just a dumb phone application – with services like the dating sites listed below, you’re getting a much better bang for your buck (and I mean that literally!). You always have to be careful online, but for the most part, these destinations are trusted, truthful and feature real people. You might get the odd bot messaging you for a scam (which occurs on every platform from time to time), but for the most part, dating sites are 100% legitimate.

Okay, so how long is it going to be before I get laid?

That totally depends on how active you are, how attractive you are and whether or not you have high standards. Believe me – if you wanted to bang a 2/10 tonight, most sites are going to have something for you to get your hands on. For scores higher than that, you better have good text game and the ability to make yourself stand out from dozens of other Joes that are also looking to get their dicks wet. You’ve got to understand that getting laid and dating is all a numbers game: the more attempts, the higher your chances of landing something. It’s a lottery, only you might have a shot at getting lucky in this game.

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