Ynot Presents A Night For The Cam Girls

09 January 2017
On Jan. 19, 2017 the biggest cam girl event will be taking place in none other than the city of sin Las Vegas. Ynot will be hosting this event with an open bar, so you do not want to miss out. This is the first time that the cam girl community will get a show that will recognize them and give them the much-deserved credit. The cam industry is probably one of the largest growing industries...

Important Facts About HTTPS!

09 January 2017
You should always prefer visiting HTTPS version of websites when available, even if you think that they don’t handle sensitive communications. Aside from providing critical security and data integrity for your personal information, HTTPS is a requirement for many new browser features. Here are three important aspects why you should use HTTPS: Every unencrypted HTTP request reveals information about your behavior. Your ISP, your employer, hotel in which you are staying or even your neighbour(if you...
Pornstar Gamers

Gaming With Nikki Benz & Missy Martinez

24 December 2016

Mr. Porn Geek is a fan of adult entertainment, as you can probably imagine, but he's also a fan of video games! I stumbled across a video a few days ago that I felt was worth sharing - it's a pretty decent clip that shows two pornstars (Missy Martinez & Nikki Benz) having fun playing Mafia III together. I found it pretty fucking funny that they decided to pick Mafia III as the...

Christmas Ass Featured Image

Christmas Pornhub Statistics: What People Watch

20 December 2016
It's little wonder that Pornhub has gone ahead and looked at porn over the Christmas period - whenever there's a major event happening, these guys always step forward to reveal some interesting information about how their site is being used. Yesterday, Pornhub released their Christmas-themed porn stats, so you can see what's going on when we humans get horny while in the festive spirit. Anyway, let's get down to business and see just how naughty...
Pamela Anderson Vegan

Top 5 Vegan Pornstars

17 December 2016
Veganism is getting pretty big these days, with many famous people adopting the diet to improve their health, reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately, attempt to live a more ethical lifestyle. I'm not gonna preach on veganism for you, because that's not what I do best, but if you want to know more, you can with a lot of information on why some people choose to abstain from animal products. What Mr. Porn Geek does...
Just Love Featured Image

Sophie Ebrard’s ‘It’s Just Love’: Porn’s Human Side

14 December 2016
Back in 2011, Sophie Ebrard - a French-born, German-dwelling photographer - went to a swingers' party looking for something to explore in the world of nudity. While there, she met a British porn producer called Gazzman, who eventually let her photograph a lot of his shoots from around the world. It was a fantastic experience and soon enough, an exhibition was born with a different view of the adult entertainment industry. The photographs are a humanized...
Sierra Skye Featured Image

The 6 Hottest Sierra Skye Bikini Pictures

08 December 2016
With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, @sierraaaskyee is one of the sexiest swimsuit models that has ever graced the world. Also known as Sierra Egan, this babe has built herself an empire on having one of the most incredible bodies with a classic hourglass figure. Born in 1995, she's 21 years young and has hit that peak age between mature curves and nubile sex appeal. I doubt that Sierra Skye is ever going to take...
Cock Sucker Featured Image

Geek’s Favorite Short Videos – Episode #3

03 December 2016
Hello everyone. Mr. Porn Geek here, back again with my five favorite short videos for you to enjoy. Instead of wasting your time watching a full-length video, why not just check out what I've got below? You're going to love what you find! So go ahead: indulge and watch some of the best porn that I've come across. You can always count on Mr. Porn Geek to find you quality content!

Hot chick sticks her fat...

Choker Featured Image

Girls Wearing Chokers: Hot New Fashion Trend

01 December 2016

Chokers are in: they're hot too.

It seems as if every single chick out there right now that wants to show themselves as being different or cultured will don a choker. Mr. Porn Geek loves chokers, especially when it's a skinny babe with a cute face that looks like she'd do some nasty things in the bedroom. Chokers will always be one of my favorite items of clothing, especially since most girls know what connotations men...

Well, That’s a Silly Storyline for a Porno

28 November 2016
Just when you thought the world of porn couldn't get any more silly, some producer comes along and decides that it's a good idea to create some crazy start to a porn video. I mean, this isn't even a low quality production either - the model at the center of it all is the one and only Lisa Ann! She's one of the hottest MILFs the adult industry has ever had the pleasure of featuring....

The Robot That Watches Porn (And Why)

26 November 2016
I'm sure that most of you know by now that Mr. Porn Geek is pretty much an expert in the world of watching porn, but did you know that there's something capable at beating me when it comes to adult entertainment? Well, it sorta does anyway. What I'm talking about is an open source project operated by . He's only gone and done something crazy: created a robot that can take a look at pornographic videos and,...

Geek’s Favorite Short Videos – Episode #2

25 November 2016
Everyone loves a little bit of short video fun, so I'm back again with a second installment of my favorite thing to do! Enjoy these short porn videos and let me know what you'd like to see next week. Thanks for visiting Mr. Porn Geek, the best place on the web for hardcore adult fun.

Sexy webcam chick playing with her titties while she rides a dildo.

Fucking that bitch on the boat and chucking her in...


Mr. Porn Geek’s Favorite Asians This Week

22 November 2016
It should come as no surprise that I'm a bit of a fan of attractive Asian women. You've probably read a review or two on the homepage of Mr. Porn Geek where the best Asian action around is presented to you and I talk a little about what's good and what's not in the realm of Oriental entertainment. Because I'm feeling a little generous, I decided I'd go ahead and just show some pretty cute...

When Will the UK’s War on Porn End?

18 November 2016
In case you haven't heard, the current government on the United Kingdom is looking to implement a policy that would require anyone who wanted to access porn to provide some form of identification. They claim that this process will help protect younger people from viewing adult entertainment online, because the current system of simply saying "yes, I am over 18" isn't sufficient. Now look, I'm not going to pretend that someone under the age of 18...

Jazzma Kendrick – The HOTTEST Ebony Babe You’ll Ever See

13 November 2016
Let's be honest, we simply don't appreciate enough of black women these days. Don't get me wrong, I think that all types of women are beautiful, but I think one of the most attractive ladies I've ever come across is this one - Jazzma Kendrick. She's a black beauty with a fantastic petite body and boy, does she love to share images of her incredible bikini beach sessions on Instagram. She's a model by trade,...

No Porn November Can FUCK OFF

13 November 2016
Look, I know I have a vested interest in making sure that porn is consumed - it's what I do as a job - but opposition to porn is like opposition to eating. Everyone does it, it's healthy, it's fine - you don't have to waste your time looking at arguments for why not looking at porn is a good choice for your life. That said, I still think it's my place to deconstruct a...

California Rejects Prop 60!

10 November 2016
You may have remembered a few days ago that Mr. Porn Geek commented about the fact that California was . It seems as if polls are pretty fucking useless these days, because alongside getting Proposition 60 wrong, the polls also said Trump wouldn't be president, but yeah: here we are. So Proposition 60 went to vote and a huge number of people - around 8.4 million people - went ahead and voted. Around 3.9 million voted...

Mr. Porn Geek’s Favorite Short Videos this Week

08 November 2016
Not only do I find the best possible porn sites out there, I also come across some videos in my travels. For that reason, I've decided that it's best for me to start a (hopefully) weekly list of my favorite WebMs that I've found in my travels. I am not responsible for the jerking off that you're going to do as a result of this!

Hot babe dances with her titties going all over the place.



Syrian Refugee Becomes Pornstar in Europe

07 November 2016
Antonio Suleiman is a refugee from Syria that fled from ISIS and has started up a porn career, working from Germany. He's featured in adult productions such as 'The Arabian King' and wants everyone to know that it's possible for refugees to be normal, functioning members of society (if fucking hot sluts and getting paid to do it is 'normal', I want a 'normal' life too!). He's just 19 years of age and originally fled from...

That Time NASA Sent Nude Women to the Moon

05 November 2016
You're probably not old enough to remember the Apollo 11 landing (I know I'm sure not!) but did you know that after Apollo 11, the US continued to send people to the moon? Apollo 12 took off just a short time after the first landing in November of 1969 and unlike the first mission, this time, the astronauts took porn with them. I know – it's crazy – but absolutely true! Dave Scott, the backup commander...

Prop 60: No One Wants Porn With Condoms

05 November 2016
Be honest: how many times do you see someone perform in the porn industry using a condom and go "damn, that's pretty fucking sexy!". The answer is never, because the simple fact is that no one wants to watch porn where condoms are used. Now, whether or not you think Prop 60 is a good idea from a health perspective, the simple fact is that a lot of porn is produced in California and a number...

Teacher Fired After Watching Porn at School

05 November 2016
Okay, so I'll admit that watching porn while I work is … actually a fucking job requirement for me, and as such, it's not really that much of a big deal, but I today and found out that a teacher at Wyvern College in Salisbury, Wiltshire (The UK) was permanently banned from teaching after he watched pornography on his computer while at work. This guy has been teaching at that school for over 35 years:...

Welcome to Mr. Porn Geek’s Blog!

05 November 2016
Hey there – thanks for visiting! I'm Mr. Porn Geek and this is my site. I hope that you've been here long enough now to know that there's nothing I enjoy more than having fun with adult entertainment. I'm a bit of a critic when it comes to the realm of porn and related topics, so this site was basically established as a way for me to review the best destinations out there and let...