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While not entirely porn related, your boy Mr. Porn Geek has had a bit of a track record with escorts before he got into a serious relationship. My experience with finding escorts online and contacting the hottest girls in my city has obviously prepared me to give you information on the best sources for that type of thing. Naturally, seeing as Mr. Porn Geek likes to have all of his readers access whatever they want, I’ve gone ahead and provided reviews of places that I consider worthy of going if you’re looking for escorts. Believe me, there are so many places out there that are going to show you fake pictures, charge more than expected or simply waste your time – that’s why it’s so important to pick the right escort site that has a top system to ensure you find companions that know what they’re doing and aren’t going to mess around. I’ve honestly checked out about 20 sites so far, and what you see below – that’s all I really consider worthy of your attention right now. That might change in future, but for now, I want to keep this area where I review the best escort websites as clean as possible.

Finding escorts can be hard, but with Escort Directory, you know you're getting the best service around for high-quality companions and associated services. Whether you're in the UK, US, France, Holland or someplace else - go here to find local escorts.

Eccie acts as a review platform, something that you've likely figured out I quite enjoy. The name actually spells out 'escort client community information exchange' - people post reviews and let you know what's what when it comes to certain girls.

Escort Guide is a US-focused platform for people to find hot ladies ready for some action. Covering all of the major states and cities, people in America will find this one of the easiest places to compare girls that are close to them.

Eros is an established place for people to come across all types of escorts from around the world. Whether you want a teen Asian on Australia or a transsexual fetish fan in London, you'll never be short of options with this trusted network.

Euro Girls Escort, as the name suggests, covers almost all European countries with an offering or two of fine escorts that want to have a great time with you. The profile features here are fantastic and really let you learn about a girl before contacting them.

Have you been longing for an escort website that actually gives you a decent interface, the ability to see what you're getting and access a number of local escorts all in the same location? Well, lucky for you, those are the criteria required here at Mr. Porn Geek for me to even consider a site in this niche being given a place on my list of the best escort sites. I've worked hard to locate decent destinations and while it's tough, I hope you can see that the options I've provided really are the best of the best. Take your time, read the reviews, see my pros and cons, check out the screenshot and if you think that the escort platform I've provided is decent, continue on and check out what they've got to offer. I'd like to once again thank all of my escort loving viewers here and wish you the best of luck finding your next lady of the night - just remember, be safe and remember to leave a tip if she does a good job!