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By now, you all probably know that Mr. Porn Geek is to be trusted when it comes to all things related to the adult industry. Ever since the beginning, each recommendation given was thoroughly researched, objective to the furthest extent, and definitely with your best interest in mind. The reason Mr. Porn Geek has gotten all serious with this introduction is simple; many of you requested an explanation on how these reviews are done, what kind of research is performed and to what extent the information presented is accurate? Therefore, here is how it’s done and I will exploit the opportunity to review Skip the games services, showcasing what exactly goes behind the scenes during the review process. Let’s get to it.

Hey Mr. Porn Geek, what can you tell me about

This is typically how most of the reviews get started. Lots and lots of requests you guys send are considered, and the ones that come up most often are realized. Once the subject is chosen, the research starts. The first thing is opening the website and assessing first impressions. In this case, the user interface is very clean, minimalistic design, and even though it may look a bit dated, there is actually a very good reason for it. You see, a lot of sites tend to use flashy elements and complicated menus in order to “make their website look amazing.” But what they end up doing is making the site almost unusable on mobile platforms, especially for older devices or phones with a slower internet connection.

So, seeing as is an escort service and that most of the users will be accessing it through a mobile device, it makes perfect sense to make it as simple and lightweight as possible. A big plus for the first impression. There is also a warning on the main page that warns users about potentially fraudulent offers that may fish for your data under the pretense of “verifying your account.”

This touches on two key points very important for escort service sites like this one: it showcases that this site is not fraudulent but the opposite of that (they are looking to protect the users) and the second thing is; the staff running the site is very much in touch with the audience, and they are always looking to increase the overall quality of experience you have. Again, huge pluses in both cases for Skipthegames. What immediately captures your attention is the simple filtering segment that serves as sort of a navigation tool. It’s essentially a search engine that returns available services for the data you specified.

Let me get this, doesn’t offer escort services directly, but helps me find reputable services for my location?

Exactly. This is an indexing service that enables you to find a reputable escort website for your location and for the parameters you set. The search goes like this: You specify your gender, what exactly you are looking for, where (location), and other preferences like hair color, race, and other stuff. The results come in the form of galleries sorted and tagged with the date they are added. This is quite unusual, but it makes perfect sense. This means that on the top of the results page, you always get the freshest data, meaning it probably is the most accurate, and still relevant. Now, the good thing is that both services and individuals can get listed on Skip the games

This means that independent escort ladies (if that is what you are looking for) are available for direct contact. And when Mr. Porn Geek says direct, he means telephone number and an email address. That is a really neat feature and although not unique to, it definitely is sophistically implemented here. Once you click on a certain posting, their profile opens up with images, preferences and a short introduction. And most importantly, contact information. So, this simplified and direct approach to connecting users with escort services is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise saturated and competitive market.

So, Mr. Porn Geek, do you recommend this one or should I keep looking?

Well, it’s a bit too early to recommend this service over any other, don’t you think? But all indications so far are encouraging me to definitely score Skipthegames with highest of marks. But it would be pretty irresponsible of such authority like Mr. Porn Geek to not look into every detail and half-ass this review, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, let’s dig deeper.

There aren’t many advanced filters you can use to search for escort ladies, but this can’t really be taken against the platform. An argument can be made that more filters would hinder the fluidity of the searching process and result in a very narrow results each time. This means users would potentially miss out on many good offers for the sheer reason of excess filtering. Hence, lack of advanced filtering options is neither here nor there.

In fact, there aren’t many detailed and advanced tools on the site, but those that are available are well implemented. For example, you can report each offer right from the profile page and admin immediately checks the report and the profile, looking for signs of suspicious behavior. Why would you want to report a profile? Literally anyone can establish a profile, right? That has a negative side, as well.  

Many unsavoury profiles, try to fish for personal information or even scam the users. With that being said, Mr. Porn Geek looked into SkipTheGames on many reputable places and found no user testimonials that portray them in a bad light, at least not directly. As far as their service goes, it’s absolutely impeccable. This is a rare thing to encounter in the adult industry, actually. As a result, all but one box for an excellent review and a firm recommendation are checked. against the competition.

To accurately and objectively review any site, you have to compare it to the competing services and check out how they stack up. This is where good research and plenty of experience comes in handy. Let’s start from the simple fact that Skipthegames features no annoying advertisement on their site. This is a huge plus and makes for a very pleasant experience. The second thing is the amount of available content, which in this case would be the number of indexed offers.

Although I couldn’t find the exact number of postings, through hundreds of searches performed during the review process, the number of results matching the query has always been admirable. So, that’s another good sign. There is a very good knowledge base regarding escorts in general with health and legal tips and plenty of other additional content. And the last to compare is; the price. Seeing as Skipthegames is a free service, it places it very high on the chart of best escort sites. Adding to it the fact that there is no other advertisement to support the free service status means that the usage is absolutely available across the globe to anyone, with no annoyances and no charge.

What’s your final verdict on Skip The Games?

A solid 10/10. When you factor in all the advantages of the service like simplicity, the ease of use, the lack of annoying advertisement (or any for that matter), fast and well-designed platform, availability for mobile devices, the amount of escort content, the level of attention to relevant details, it really supports the review grade Mr. Porn Geek boasts. The only knock against Skipthegames is the existence of dodgy offers that you have to protect yourself against on your own. But can you even take it against them seeing as literally anyone can post an offer?

There are plenty of competing services, but most of them are either not free, some of them are quite expensive, most of them have annoying ads and popups all over the place. User testimonials are overwhelmingly positive and short of finding a site that pays you to hire escort babes, is as good as it gets.

Even the name of the service says a lot about their attitude. So, if you are looking for an escort service of any kind, your best chance of getting meaningful and satisfactory service is looking for one using The search process is simple, it’s fast, and from what Mr. Porn Geek was able to sample, the resulting offers are quite extraordinary and many models turned out to be genuinely pleasant, hot, and most importantly, very good at their job.

And there you go folks, now you know what it takes to create a fair and objective review of an escort service. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride, and I look forward to repeating this experience in the future posts. I hope you liked this one and I definitely recommend you try out Skip The Games it would give this review even more credibility and weight. Much love and respect from your one and only, Mr. Porn Geek. Cheers.

Review Pros
  • Hot escorts globally
  • Simply to use
  • No annoying ads
Review Cons
  • Lack of advance filters