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Howdy folks, Mr. Porn Geek back again and today, I’m going to be talking to you all about Like the name suggests, this is a destination that people utilize for the purposes of finding people who are a part of the sex industry to do various jobs and the like. I was actually told about this place by a close friend, so I can’t wait to venture inside and have a look at what’s on offer – I usually trust him when it comes to this type of thing! Anyhow, let’s jump into the full review and I’ll let you know what’s what when it comes to Adult Work.

The homepage experience

Let’s begin by talking about the fact that Adult Work is available all over the world – whether you’re in the United Kingdom, Philippines, America or New Zealand, there’s a spot for you on the website! You can also find people offering adult services in these locations, so regardless of where you’re based, chances are that has someone that can appeal to your specific interests. Do note that naturally, some parts of the world have more available workers than others – Las Vegas is a bigger hotspot for debauchery than Edinburgh is, for instance!
After selecting your location, you’ll be taken through to the homepage for that region where you’ll find links to various escorts, cammers, phone sex talkers and so on. Essentially, this is the meat of the service provided by Adult Work: they’re giving you the ability to communicate with girls that can do a whole host of things. I’m not actually sure what the most common service provided here is, but all of the categories seem to have ladies featured, so that’s something that these guys have going for them.

The listing of escorts on Adult Work

I’m guessing that most of the people reading this review are interested in escorts, so here’s a handy link if you want to find escorts in your area. The site has ‘featured’ escorts which means that they’ve been additionally vetted in order to ensure that they’re legitimate: you can also go ahead and look at the different links offered, such as ‘available today’, ‘women for men’ and ‘couples’. Note that the page also has a ‘quick search’ feature which gives you the ability to filter the escorts based on gender, proximity, ethnicity and even their dress size. It didn’t take long for Mr. Porn Geek to uncover the profile of a chick called Suzi Starr – let me tell you, this is one feisty Asian that you don’t want to live without!

The girls’ profiles can be quite advanced or basic: it’s totally up to them how much effort they put into selling themselves. Some girls tour and have their dates listed, whereas others are willing to perform for parties and even offer unique services. The profiles are actually quite interesting and when it comes to an exhaustive list of everything you could possibly want to know about a particular girl, some of the profiles go above and beyond. Suzi Starr’s was quite thorough: she had a lot of FAQs, a clear price list and a bunch of other stuff that would be really handy for any would-be punter.

Other website features

So alongside escort profiles, you can also use Adult Work to find camgirls that offer direct stream experiences. I’m not sure why some of these chicks don’t decide to stream via sites such as Chaturbate and My Free Cams, but I guess for some people, they prefer a more intimate and close experience with the camgirls they seek the companionship of. The site has a direct cam feature but also allows you to go via Skype if that’s more your cup of tea. The same goes with phone sex chat: Skype is on the table but so is calling via the website or actually using good old-fashioned numbers! To me, it seems that Adult Work has everything covered and then some. The more available services the better, right? That’s certainly how I see it, anyway.

The more exclusive experiences

Adult Work has an alternative section that goes a little beyond standard escorting and camming: when you don’t know where else to go, this is the destination you have to utilize! We’re talking cuckolding, adult mothering, voyeurism and that kind of thing. Find yourself not enjoying a standard erotic experience? Take it to the next level and have someone from Adult Work help you out with your wildest sexual fantasies and desires. They’ve even got an area on Adult Work where you can look at all of the local pregnant escorts in your area. Talk about going the extra mile to ensure that no one’s interests are left unsatisfied – is fast becoming a place that I can consider one of the best around for adult services.

As for the BDSM areas, you’ll find both femdom mistresses and submissive ladies that will be on whatever side of the coin you’re interested in. The great thing is that since all of the profiles are really fleshed out, you’ll have no issues with knowing exactly what’s on offer and how you can have the ultimate kinky sexual experience with the local escort of your dreams.

Some other offers on the table

Adult Work also has an ‘erotica’ section where both written stories and spoken, X-rated recordings are submitted by guys and girls alike. Whether it’s 574 words or 12 minutes in length, Adult Work has some naughty fiction that’ll be sure to assist you in getting your end away. The great thing about this place is that all of the material is uploaded by the people who made the content – nothing’s acquired from third-party destinations. This means that you can also reach out to some of the submitters and get them to create you some custom work – it’s not called for no good reason.

There’s also a blog post area that features entries from various people offering goods and services. Around 10 were added to the site in the last 24 hours but do note that these are regionally focused, so chances are there were hundreds across the entire world. To say that this place is popular would be a bit of an understatement.
Finally, I should mention the other services section if what you’re after is quite a bit removed from standard escorting. Do you need a film maker, photographer, receptionist or bodyguard? Adult Work has you covered! Admittedly this area is a little less populated than the rest of the network, but you can still find apartments to shoot in and the like if that’s what you’re after. Suffice to say that if you’re in the adult business and you have a need, Adult Work can probably be of assistance. You can even make ‘I’m looking for …’ posts that others can take a look at and respond to. Talk about a one stop shop!

How about some physical items?

Before leaving the website, be sure to pop on over to the Adult Work marketplace where a whole suite of physical items can be purchased. We’re talking used panties, wall calendars, bondage collars, magic wands and even duvet sets! It might not be as big as Amazon, but I’m sure this place has a few choice items that Bezos probably doesn’t have up for grabs. You can even buy penis coloring books, cookbooks and electronic safes. Did I mention that Adult Work will basically give you the opportunity to buy absolutely anything you could ever want to get your hands on? Forget about being an escort classified website, these guys are trying to bring everything to the table that they possibly can. Oh and as before – you can even list your own goodies if you think you’ll be able to make a dollar or two.

Some final thoughts on Adult Work

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of people visiting this website are doing so under the guise that they’ll be getting themselves some hot escorting fun and action – that’s a fair analysis and I can’t think of a reason why you’d be disappointed with regard to what Adult Work has up for grabs. It’s a tidy platform with a lot of options and while the design feels a little on the dated side, it at least functions damn well and gives you everything you could possibly want when it comes to site features such as search and so on. Let me be frank here: Adult Work is a stellar destination and no matter what you’re looking to buy with regard to adult entertainment, these guys are probably the best place around for an all-encompassing provider.

So what are you waiting for? Pay Adult Work a visit now and get that escort experience of a lifetime – they’ve even got reviews and endorsements from other punters that know the real deal when it comes to companions.

Review Pros
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Lots of services
  • Advanced search feature
Review Cons
  • Average design
  • Some spam