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A new way for finding escorts on Slixa

One of the biggest problems that hurt the escorting industry in a big way was the fact that it was somewhat difficult for people to know whether or not they were getting a good deal when it came to an escort. See, if you’re using a standard business, you can Google their name to know whether or not they’ve got any major problems: not the same with escorts. Changing your name and phone number is easy as a call girl, so many men may be screwed over or offered sub-par service from chicks that aren’t worth employing. Thankfully, a solution came by way of platforms that offer escort verification: one being Slixa. Today, I’m going to have a little look over this place and tell you all about it.

The Slixa experience explained

After crashing down over at the homepage of, you’ll come across a list of ‘featured escorts’ and the ability for you to pick a specific city. Now I should note that Slixa is an American focused platform: you can use the header ‘choose your city’ button if you’re looking for Canada, Germany and the UK, but the main home page is only for the United States. The other countries all use the same layout and design though, so you’re good to go no matter where you are in the world. Slixa’s homepage also links to its blog and a signup page, but aside from that there’s not much else here to talk about, so let’s go over the city pages, shall we?

Since I’ve always been a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather, the idea of one day living in Las Vegas has always been attractive to me. So it made sense for me to pick the city of sin from the dropdown list of places where you can look for reviews from. Turns out the escorts on Slixa Las Vegas are pretty spectacular.

are pretty spectacular and there’s quite the population of ladies over there who’re offering world-class companionship services. There are 4 ‘premium’ categories for you to look at: VIP, Fresh, Available and Pornstar. These are pretty self-explanatory but I want to have a closer look at the ‘pornstar’ directory to get an idea of what’s available.

The Vegas pornstar experience

For Vegas, had listing information for Destiny Rayne who’s worked with the likes of Playboy TV, Maxim and Esquire as well as Liara Roux: she’s done a few skin flicks over the last few years. You’re not going to be fucking Asa Akira, Piper Perri or Lucy Doll but to be honest with you, the fact they had listings at all was pretty impressive. I’m sure other regions around the country might have more popular pornstars too. Hell, I guess I’ll check right now for California, since that’s the most likely spot, right? Okay I’m back – was happy to find Riley Nixon available – I saw her getting her ass fucked good and proper over on Analized a while back! Slixa’s pornstar listings more than do the job, that’s for sure.

The individual profile pages

So once you’ve found a thumbnail that gets your horn raging, click on it to go through to the model’s profile. These are quite involved in a lot of cases and come with a decent quantity of images – perfect if you want to see a babe from each and every angle. Alongside contact information and a self-written biography, Slixa also verifies profiles to ensure that no fakes or spam appear. Now there may be one or two that slip under the radar, but from what I’ve learned from girls in the industry, it’s actually quite hard and involved to get your details on Slixa – it’s not a regular target for scammers or time-wasters as a result. They also verify photographs to make sure the person creating the profile is as displayed – this is done to make sure that you’re not getting catfished!

Other site features offered by Slixa

It’s not all about vanilla escorts here on – you’ve got the option to hire girls across a wide range of erotic services. First up, I’ll mention the filtering option for fetish and kinky providers: if you like girls who are dominant or submissive then this is the button to click! There are also body rub providers, tantra companions and straight-up dancers if you’re looking for something a bit more group-focused. Some girls have tagged their profiles for multiple services too, so you might want to consider grabbing the same lady if you’re looking for someone who’s able to pull out all the stops for a night of pure heaven.

My conclusion

All things considered, Slixa offers a great service that allows you to only find good quality chicks who are verified by a trusted third-party. They’ve been around for a long time and the design of their website is real clean: it also looks great if you’re using it on a mobile device. My only real complaint is the fact that Slixa doesn’t have reviews yet, although I’m hoping one day they do become enabled. Overall, delivers what it sets out to do and I think anyone who wants a tier above average for their companionship service ought to seek out an escort from this website. The great thing is that using their platform is entirely free of charge, so if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything. Now that’s Mr. Porn Geek approved!

Review Pros

  • Decent site design
  • Verified profiles
  • Some pornstars

Review Cons

  • Smaller escort pool
  • No review section