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I’ve said before on Mr. Porn Geek how there’s a big problem in the escorting community: punters don’t really have a reliable method of knowing whether or not a particular girl is worth spending money on a lot of the time and can end up with sub-par chicks. It should come as no surprise that Mr. Porn Geek is a massive supporter of reviews in the escort industry: trouble is, many girls will only share the positives on their own websites instead of accepting valid feedback from all clientele. That’s where a place like TNA Board comes in handy: these guys are essentially making it such that if a girl provides a great experience she gets positively reviewed and if not, her rating is likely to head downward. I’ve spent about 5 minutes here so far but I wanted to write up a complete review, so let’s venture over to together and see what’s going on here.

My initial experience with TNA Board

In case you’re wondering, TNA stands for Truth In Advertising (I thought it was tits ‘n’ ass, but I think this is much more appropriate). The homepage here shows some user stats, featured providers, a list of recent uploads and some general adverts for chicks who are providing their escorting services. Along the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see listings for all major regions in the United States: this seems like a North American exclusive, so a massive apology to readers over in Europe and Asia: unless you’re on US soil, you won’t be able to take advantage of this website.

There are listings here for a huge number of locations, including Colorado, Arizona and even Alaska! I’m currently a big fan of the idea of moving over to Las Vegas at some point, so I went on over to their Nevada listings as a matter of priority. Once here, you’ve got quite a few different options that appear on the left-hand bar to select from. I think a number of guys are going to want to look at provider posts, so click on that link and you’ll see all of the girls who’ve advertised their escorting directly here at TNA Board. Looking at the data on the right-hand side, it’s clear that new Las Vegas listings are made multiple times per day, all of which are from verified girls who are looking to give you a good time.

Some further filtering options

Notice that at the top of the web page on the provider post list, you’ve got the ability to pick adverts based on location – Nevada isn’t only Vegas, so if you’re looking for chicks in Sparks or Henderson, has that covered. To test the display of escorts, I selected this profile at random: a tasty ‘petite Latina bombshell’ that stands at just 5 feet 1 inch tall. She’s exactly the type of escort I’d want to get down and dirty with in Las Vegas! Now alongside some vital information, TNA Board also lets models share their images and a description about themselves. The adverts function similarly to forum posts and people can even reply if they want to. I noticed that Luna Lopez here had over 150 posts and you can click on her name to see all of them. This is the first time you’ll be prompted to create an account – don’t worry, it’s completely free of charge and takes about 60 seconds to sign up.

While we’re on the profile side of things, you’ll notice that just below the provider’s name is a ‘my references’ button: hit this to see reviews from users on TNA Board that can personally vouch for the escort’s abilities in the sack. You can even leave your own vouch if you want – a nifty feature for those that want to contribute to the escort review community. One final thing I want to mention on the provider post main list page is the ability to filter by service type: some girls are escorts, whereas others provide massages and fetish-themed entertainment. Use the dropdown at the top for a list of all the options that are available to you.

A look at the reviews page

Next up, I thought it might be a good idea to look at the feature which makes TNA Board quite different from the other websites out there: it’s reviews. Here’s a look at the Nevada escort reviews that has – there are 700 in total, with new ones being added on a daily basis by the looks of the last week. Guys share the details of the girl (which are totally free to look at without an account) but if you’re keen to look at the dirty details, you’ll have to grab an account. In a lot of situations, the reviews will be for girls who have active profiles on TNA Board, so it’s quite neat that they can link things up and let you get a slice of the action if you’re keen. After all, what’s the purpose of a review if you’re not going to get a sample of the wares yourself?

Elsewhere in the United States, I was pleased as punch to see a decent chunk of reviews. Oregon is currently sitting on a massive 38,000 escort reviews, whereas New York is sitting on a comfortable batch of over 23,000. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re serious about finding a website where escort reviews are the main focus of what’s going on, TNA Board is the spot for you.

Other site features at

So alongside everything mentioned so far, regions also have an ‘ISO’ area where people can post their requests (it stands for ‘in search of’). One example was this guy who wanted an Asian massage in the Portland area: I’m right there with you in understanding just how hot it is to have an Oriental girl cover herself in oil to rub you down and jerk you off. There’s also a gallery page where if you’re more of a visual user, you’ll find X-rated photographs submitted by punters and escorts alike. As with quite a few features here, you’re going to be required to have an account if you want to take a look at everything there. I also recommend checking out the TNA Board FAQ section: they’ve got a hell of a lot of resources on their purpose, what’s allowed to be posted, how to delete your account and that type of thing. I love websites that have meta information for using their service: shows a level of professionalism that’s often missing in the game of smut.

Some criticisms to balance it all out

Mr. Porn Geek ain’t out here being a shill for the sake of it: while TNA Board is good, I feel that I have to balance out the positive review elements with the negatives to make sure you know it’s not all peaches and cream. First of all, it’s pretty obvious to me that the owner here has made it quite difficult to access a number of areas on the website without creating an account. I know it’s important to gate some aspects of the features behind signing up, but I’d like to see the bar lowered somewhat. I also ran into some navigational issues using the side panel that went away after clearing my cookies: I just couldn’t get the dropdown area to appear no matter how many times I clicked the damn link.

Final thoughts from Mr. Porn Geek

Having spent a decent hour or two going over TNA Board, I’m happy enough to put my name behind this one and recommend it for anyone who loves escort reviews. The community size and features offered here are more than adequate and the overall function of the platform serves its purpose and then some. As far as escort review hubs go, is a good alternative to the major players out there – it’s also completely free of charge to use too, so that’s a nice bonus selling feature! Do yourself a favor and go check it out today: I think you’re going to love what you find on the other side.

Review Pros
  • 100'000+ reviews
  • Verified escort adverts
  • Updates daily
Review Cons
  • Some features need account
  • Few navigation problems