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Want to get in touch with Mr. Porn Geek? No worries. The easiest method right now is to email me, but if you want to, we can arrange a carrier pigeon service. As of 2017, Mr. Porn Geek no longer engages in communication with clients via smoke signals.

  • Site Listings

    Getting in touch for a review listing? It's not as easy as that! If you're running a new website and want to get some exposure from Mr. Porn Geek, chances are you're going to have to stand out from the crowd in order to get my attention. On some days, I get dozens of emails from people that seem quite, like this:

    I'm looking to work with serious people and serious projects – it's not as simple as just messaging me to get added. I want to know why I should review your site. What's so great about it? Why is it different from other destinations in the same niche? How are you bringing value to my readers with your platform?

    If you're running a tight ship and have something great, that's no problem whatsoever. I just want to make it clear that if you bring me something that looks bad, I'm not going to waste my time. I'm busy, and there are dozens of people out there willing to make top-tier websites who I'd rather focus my efforts on.

  • Link Exchange

    If you think you might be able to win me over with the promise of links in exchange, think again. I'm serious about running a serious website, and if you don't meet our guidelines, I don't care how much traffic you get, we're not doing business together! What we recommend for very new places is to add a link to Mr. Porn Geek first from wherever your site is as a sign of good faith (rel=nofollow, please) and so we can monitor traffic to our server from your audience. We'll then monitor for viruses, deceptive popunders and other types of user inconveniences over the weeks to see if you're operating a legitimate business.

    Should something trigger the monitoring tools in place for your website, we'll ask you to immediately remove this link and we won't be working together. For 90% of webmasters, this won't happen – if you think you're in the 10%, then we don't want to do business with you anyway.

  • Where Will My Link Be Visible?

    Initially, sites that are new to our review platform are added near the bottom end of each category. As time goes on, we'll bump you up and adjust our measurements accordingly – we look at update rates, page load speed, design, user tools and so on to constantly change how we rank various destinations. If we think your site is dead or no longer actively maintained, we'll probably remove it. Again: Mr. Porn Geek is about quality above all else.

    If we listed your site on Mr. Porn Geek and you've made significant changes to your site since the last time we looked, you can send an email letting us know how you've improved the user experience. We won't guarantee an increase in your ranking, but we'll certainly look into whether or not your website warrants a positional change. Please don't contact asking for a bump with no justification – it's not going to help you.

  • Other Queries

    Please note: I'm okay with you emailing me about absolutely anything, even if you're just some dude jerking off right now and you'd like to let me know. Maybe you've got some questions about a specific niche? Hit me up and I can chat with you about it!
    You can always contact me to recommend sites too: I take suggestions seriously and like to see what other people out there consider to be good adult entertainment portals. If you're affiliated with the site, don't even try, buddy: people have tried and failed many times before!

  • Donations

    Want to donate to Mr. Porn Geek? No problem: use the button below to send some cash over. Please note, our donation minimum right now is $500.

  • Contact Email

    For your convenience, you can hit the contact me button bellow to reach out to Mr. Porn Geek.

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