Eccie Review


One of the most basic concepts of economics is that consumers should always be informed – there’s a lot of complaints from escorts that reviews aren’t good at all, but I feel that personally, they’re only bad for escorts that don’t deliver a quality service. After all, if you’re a good call girl that plays by the rules and doesn’t mess around, that’s only going to reflect positively with any experience you have, right? Anyway, the whole reason I’m talking about this is because is a place that allows people to discuss girls around the world that they’ve had experiences with.

Eccie stands for Escort Client Community Information Exchange – it’s basically a fancy way to say that people come and review escorts so that people can know what they’re getting themselves into. It mainly focuses on American girls, but they also have details for girls from Europe, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and more. You’re also free to sign up yourself and provide a review! There has been a total of over 10 million posts since the forums first started and as far as I know, it’s one of the biggest hubs online for reviews of escorts.

Review Pros

  • Great review platform
  • Free to join

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Some fake reviews