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A little background on Eccie 

One of the most basic concepts of economics is that consumers should always be informed – there are a lot of complaints from escorts that reviews aren’t good at all, but I feel that personally, they’re only bad for escorts that don’t deliver a quality service. After all, if you’re a good call girl that plays by the rules and doesn’t mess around, that’s only going to reflect positively with any experience you have, right? Anyway, the whole reason I’m talking about this is because is a place that allows people to discuss girls around the world that they’ve had experiences with.

Eccie stands for Escort Client Community Information Exchange – it’s basically a fancy way to say that people come and review escorts so that people can know what they’re getting themselves into. It mainly focuses on American girls, but they also have details for girls from Europe, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and more. You’re also free to sign up yourself and provide a review! There has been a total of over 10 million posts since the forums first started and as far as I know, it’s one of the biggest hubs online for reviews of escorts.

Updated Eccie review

Since writing this review up on Eccie, The number of posts has swelled to an impressive 12.5 million – it just goes to show that if you’re serious about finding the best escorts around, this place can assist. I should note that while women from all over the world are still available here, the site continues to be mainly focused on the US market. For instance, on the left-hand side of the page you’ll see a section with various popular cities covered, like Manhattan, Orlando, Chicago, Miami and more. Guys based in America are going to have a field day here: it’s so damn easy to get your hands on top-tier escort information!

Ladies have the ability to list their own profiles and typically, this is reserved for the most popular babes around when it comes to escorting. For instance, Arkansas currently has over 100 companions listed with some goddesses like Jessika Sweetz having thousands of posts on the site and hundreds of encounters. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re serious about only dealing with the cream of the crop, this site has you covered. Who wants to spend time with flaky women who can’t seem to get back to you on time and in a professional fashion? Fuck that noise, boys – is the go-to place for guys who’re serious about good escorts doing what they do best.

Premium access

While Eccie is free to browse and take a look at, you can sign up for a premium account that gives you more detailed reviews, the ability to message escorts directly and a private lounge to boot. There are a few extras here that I didn’t mention, but I suggest heading on over to the premium signup section if you’re interested in what it is I’m talking about. Mr. Porn Geek was pleased to see that they accept Bitcoin and while prices are a little on the higher side, guys who spend a decent chunk of money on escorts likely won’t care all that much.

It’s great to see that the owners here aren’t resting on their laurels, going above and beyond to add new features, moderate the forums and generally create a community that fosters good escort exchanges and the like. A quick look over at the site administration sub-forum will tell you all you need to know: these guys are committed to ensuring that Eccie is the go-to destination online for this type of thing. Seems like a guy called St. Christopher runs the show and he’s got over 7,500 posts to date: talk about taking your job seriously! I guess when you’ve got a fantastic project to work on, it makes it real easy to stick around and improve it over and over again. I think St. Christopher is the kind of dude Mr. Porn Geek would like to have a beer with – if you’re ever in London, be sure to come visit me!

Final thoughts and the wrap is a high-growth online forum with user reviews, escort advertising, general chitchat and more: if you’re in the scene and you want to have a place to call home, this could very well be it. I’m pleased to see that over 2.5 million new posts have been added here since I last came around: it signals to me that people are starting to wake up and realize that Eccie here delivers one hell of a stellar product. The only ‘real’ issue is that the site is focused heavily on America, but most of the people here at Mr. Porn Geek are too, so I don’t think it’s going to bother too many of you.

The forums are relatively ad light, it supports HTTPS and there are no tricks or other concerns that I came across. Honestly, if you’re all about escorting then I can’t recommend this place enough. What’s great is that it’s free to use, so you can always go over and sign up – you don’t need a premium account to do anything special. Head on over and see if you like it: chances are you will!

Review Pros

  • Great review platform
  • Free to join

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Some fake reviews