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My thoughts on Adult Search

AdultSearch is a site that is unlike anything else really. There are no sites similar to AdultSearch, mainly because of the large number of listings. Adult Search is an escort site, and honestly, a lot of reviewers don’t even do reviews of this type of site. There are reasons why, but it is essential to keep in mind that many escorts do not provide sexual services, and these types of escort services are legal most everywhere. In some areas, hiring escorts for sex is legal too. This can be a great place to find escorts in your city, but make sure you are aware of how things work in your area.

Mr. Porn Geek Does Escort Site Reviews

What areas does AdultSearch have people in? Read this AdultSearch review to find out. It is an extensive list. I am going to tell you a lot of the areas, but there are more than I can list in a review this long. This website doesn’t just provide information for escorts in the US. There are escorts in Europe, escorts in Canada, escorts in Latin America, escorts in the Middle East, escorts in Asia, and even escorts in Africa. Australia escorts are also on the list, and of course, Oceania is also represented. Pretty much all over the world. Antarctica isn’t listed, so if you are looking there you might need to bring the escort with you. Maybe you want to have hot dates on every continent? I want to do that now… fuck. What a great idea. Well, if that is something you want to do, Adult Search is a top escort website to take a look at to make it happen.

Find Escorts Anywhere With Adult Search

Most people, however, use the website to find escorts around where they live and in places they are traveling to. Going on a sex vacation and want to get laid while you there? This place can help. There are more escorts in some areas than others, but this should be an escort reference that you bookmark if you are interested or curious. If you have the money and are looking for the perfect fantasy girl as an escort, and are willing to travel, go to adult search’s website and see what they can do for you – remember, it’s free!

Free Search For Escorts & Sex Shops With Ease

Adult Search has quite a variety of options, including female escorts, TS escorts, body rubs, massage parlors and sex shops. They have multiple cities in most states and countries listed, and I was surprised that they had so many suburban areas. In many cases, you may want to take a look at the major cities still, even if you live in the suburbs, there are more options. Many of the girls might just think that people are more likely to visit the more substantial city links when searching postings. Some people do cross post as well, and it is worth it to search the city you are in and nearby towns too. There were quite a few escort babes listed for my city, and these are real hot girls! Never before has it been so easy – and enjoyable – to meet escorts.

The Hottest Escorts Of Many Ethnicities

There are many different body types and a wide range of ethnicities are marketing their services here. Most of them do have pictures, though some do not include photos of their faces. This makes sense though, privacy is a big deal, for many reasons, for these ladies. There are some people with pictures of their faces, they almost all have pics of their superhot bodies. I even came across a few videos, which I was a little surprised about, but also very pleased about. Hot, hot, sexy women here.

The bios were pretty playful most of the time, though some of them just have a list of what they do. Makes sense that these hot escorts each do things their own way. There are so many individuals and personality types here. Seriously though, there is a great way to filter these babes, and by ethnicity, eye color, language, services, etc. I wish they had a body type filter, but they don’t. Fortunately, there are a number of pictures these gorgeous escorts post, so you can see that easily. There is also a filter for the payment option, which is excellent. Some of these ladies are cash only, and others take credit cards. Most girls are going to prefer cash money though – always the case when it comes to adult services though. Especially in locations where it’s technically illegal activity. Mr. Porn Geek isn’t here to judge, nor will I contact the police. You’re free to enjoy this website to find girls in any country you’re in! Europe, Canada, USA and wherever else.

Get More Than Just Top Escorts

At the top of the website, visitors will find links to webpages for TS escorts, sugar babies, affair sites, and NSA sex sites, but I am not reviewing those here. They go to other sites and are not clearly a part of the AdultSearch umbrella. Across the top, you can also find the sign in link, the sign-up link, and add services for escorts link. It clearly states what the site does not allow.

In addition to a great and well-organized listing of countries, states, and cities on the site, there is a search engine that you can use. I didn’t see a need for it, honestly, but it is nice that is there. I tried it, and it works well. Great job Adult Search: your provision of a spot to meet escorts is appreciated! Especially with none of those annoying ads that I have seen elsewhere. I get that the project is free, but come on! When I want escort services, I want them to be convenient and not annoying at all. The more difficult you make it for me to write up an AdultSearch review, the more extreme I’m going to get with my criticism of your website. Thankfully, that’s not a huge concern here, so yeah – great stuff, and the free search for instant sex continues.

Forget Adult Dating Sites!

So that you know, not every city in the country has an escort that is online and posting ads on sites like this. Some of the cities do not have listings, and you may need to look at some cities that are nearby. Some places have more escorts than others. Los Angeles has over 300, Detroit has 65, Houston has 278. Wow, 278 for Houston. I was expecting a smaller number there, but apparently there are a lot of perverted members in Houston. I love it! Maybe I will have to visit and hire one of these broads! That’s what I get for trying to find a city with less than 65. Miami has more than Los Angeles. DC has over 250. Someone has to make sure those politicians don’t get too stressed, I suppose. Cleveland has 24. Ok. That was a fun social experiment – I’ve learned a lot of basic information with this little night trip.

Not All Posted Items AdultSearch

For a few of the cities that do not have any escorts listed, they do have a sponsored post that pops up, as well as a posting that links to a cam site. I guess they want to make sure that you have an option no matter where you live. These posts do say sponsored, or clearly look like they are not real escorts, so I was not frustrated or taken back in any way. Adult Search is just sticking to what people in this industry do.

Kinky Pervs Will Be Happy Too!

Other perks to the site exist too. Upon further investigation, if you scroll down after doing a city search, you can find listings for BDSM clubs, gay bathhouses, and massage parlors. Again, not every city has these, but it is nice that some of them are listed here when they do exist. Nudist colonies can also be listed, but I did not see a single one while I was searching. I am sure there are a few though – especially if you’re in a part of the world where that type of thing is common. Perhaps not in Las Vegas, but certainly in those weird eastern European countries! Czechia springs to mind: adult dating sites there are useless because most girls sell what they’ve got!

Should I use Adult Search to find escort babes?

Well, that’s a question for yourself to answer, in a way. How much do you like the idea of accessing escort services? Mr. Porn Geek believes that if you’re on the prowl for a smoking hot broad and you’re willing to pay her good cash money for services provided – this place has you covered. Very few annoying adverts and yeah, I can tell from how other users interact with this place that it’s giving you a great sex search engine that’ll show you what a great companion website is all about. I must stress: your location is going to matter a lot here, and you’ll create a much easier time for yourself if you’re in a big location. Might I suggest that you guys move to somewhere densely populated in the USA? Armed with a few communication tools, you’ll never have another issue again finding sex services ads! Of course, I suppose it’s not exactly easy to just search for a new house to live in. Though based on my experience, Mr. Porn Geek users are more than willing to do crazy things – especially if they then become great clients for all of these stellar sex contacts who are available on Adult Search. Suffice to say that this platform is really doing a great job and there are few issues I can find with their free ads and so on.

What Did Mr. Porn Geek Find?

This site is simple to use and well put together. I like that there is a link at the bottom of the page to report sex trafficking, and there is also a contact link. They use the RCA Label as well. This is a site that is doing all the right things, and it has some hot women and TS escorts to search through. With plenty of ways to feature well over 100 escort listings in many of the bigger cities, there are huge numbers of options. This is definitely a site that a lot of escorts use. You can find what you are craving here; there are some great women that love being sassy, erotic, and more.

For personal interaction that goes above and beyond, this is a great place to look. Spend some time browsing. You might just find a perfect woman right here.

Review Pros
  • Top escort listings
  • Attention to detail
  • Different escort types
Review Cons
  • Some cities without escorts