Best Online Sex Stores & Adult Toy Shops

What’s the best place to buy sex toys online?

The Internet is a wonderful tool and seeing as many people aren’t exactly keen to run down to their local store in order to buy sex products, it’s a fantastic resource so you can order things online and receive them discreetly. Trouble is, so many adult stores are available on the Web and it’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones are bad and which ones are worth your time and hard earned money.

Mr. Porn Geek is here to help you through the process, although I mainly do review individual sites, but i just couldn’t help myself reviewing what I consider to be the best destinations on the Internet for buying dildos, butt plugs, sexy outfits, kinky BDSM products and more.

But now let me answer that burning question you threw my way. Best is subjective. I’d have to know what particular sex toy you’re looking for to make a recommendation. With that in mind, I want you to know that I’ve done my due diligence when it comes to the sites on my list. I looked at their product catalogs, return policy (if any), money back guarantee (where it applies), customer service record and a whole lot of other stuff before giving them a thumbs up. So I can confidently say that my collection below features the best sex toy sites online today. If you’re wondering which one is better than the other, check out my star ratings, the ones with 5 stars are the absolute best of the best sex toy websites. But really, if you’re just looking for an online sex toy shop that delivers what it promises, you can’t go wrong with any of my recommendation.

How do I protect myself from being scammed?

All of the adult shops you see here have been personally vouched for by me because I want to ensure that anyone reading Mr. Porn Geek is getting the real deal. These companies will deliver on time and make sure you’re receiving the highest quality products in the sex toy world. They’ll cut no corners and have fully earned their place on my list of best adult online stores. So yeah – forget about getting the wrong product or being scammed, I’ll ensure that you only deal with the most trusted names on the Internet when it comes to buying sex toys online.

Look at it this way – these online sex toy shop companies want you to come back for more so they have no incentive to scam you. These companies have been in business for years and have established solid reputations in the sex toy circles. They literally have no reason to scam you but if you’re still skeptical, I understand. Your peace of mind is very important so you can do your own research in addition to mine and verify that each company that made my list is legitimate. You can also pay with a prepaid card, that way you still get your toys but the company doesn’t retain any of your personal financial information. At the end of the day though, these guys aren’t going to ruin their good reputations just to scam you. Some of their support staff may be lacking but they’re as legitimate as they come.

Are these sex toy sites discreet?

 Yes! I can’t emphasize this enough. I’m almost certain that adult toy sites invented the word discreet. As the cool bros would say, these sex toy sites are all about that discretion life! They value your privacy so much that they’ll send your package in “regular” boxes or wrapping so the mailman and your neighbors aren’t all in your business. Seriously, no one will know that you ordered a dildo or fleshlight from an online sex toy shop. And if you use your credit card, your statement won’t show a charge for Anal Beads LLC but will instead show something normal like JBL Inc or something like that. These adult toy sites aren’t trying to out you for the freak you are, they just trying to help spice up your sex life. Speaking of mailing, just a heads up here – not all shops ship worldwide.

 What if I just want to find the cheapest sex toys?

 Cheapest doesn’t always mean best but I’m sure you already knew that! In my humble opinion you get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys – and just about anything else in life. The really good ones are not cheap by any stretch of the word but they’re very affordable. They certainly won’t break your bank account. Now, if you’re hell bent on finding the cheapest sex toys then simply visit one of the shops below, find the section with the toys you want and then sort the products by price. You can have them presented to you in two formats – lowest to highest or most expensive to least expensive.

Where can I find affordable geek sex toys?

What in the world are geek sex toys? I’ve heard of geeky sex toys but not what you just asked me about. Do you mean to ask about toys for naughty nerds? Because I can certainly point out a site or two on my list of the best sex toy websites that nerds would appreciate. Or maybe you’re trying to suggest that your boy Mr. Porn Geek should start selling sex toys? Hmm maybe some day I’ll add my own sex toy shop on here but until then, I’ll stick to reviewing the best sex toy sites that I think you guys should use.

Where can I find a sex doll?

Its funny you should ask because I know just exactly where you can get one. Its one of the 7 sites on my list. Since you’re interested in sex dolls, maybe you should also look into hand held pussies molded from real pornstar’s pussies. You read that right. You can fuck a toy that feels like Angela White’s real pussy or Kendra Lust’s twat or even Elsa Jean’s snatch.

So you mean to tell me sex toys aren’t just for women?

 Heck no! Guys use sex toys too – and not just gay dudes. Although there are very specific toys like the fleshjack for gay guys, there are certain toys that every guy can use like prostate toys, penis rings and masturbators. The thing though is that the sex shops aren’t restricted to toys only so if you’re a dude and you’re looking for some sensual enhancers, they’ve got you covered. Or if you want to order a penis pump or even a penis sleeve and extension, you can.

Do all these adult toy sites really live up to the hype?

If they didn’t I wouldn’t list them here! I was a little hesitant to jump into this part of the adult business because I’m a little too busy with the porn site but the more I looked, the more I loved what I saw. Sex toys are fun when incorporated into your sex life – whether you’re part of a couple or just like playing solo. These sex toy sites get it. They go all out to educate people about their products and they also constantly run fun promos and contests all the time. To these people, you’re not just another freak or another sale, you’re a valued client. By the way did I also mention the wide variety of products each of these sites has? They have toys for her, for him and for couples. The toy selection alone is worth the hype.

So you won’t judge me if I order from any of these toys then?

Come on now mate. MPG has been and will always be a judgment-free zone. I work on porn for a living so who am I to judge you for wanting a cock ring or a rabbit? If anything, I’d probably high five you for being open minded enough to give sex toys a try. I’m kind of a pervert like that! Besides if you do order from any of these sites, I won’t know because I’m not affiliated with any of them in anyway. So no, they don’t report purchases back to me. Your privacy is of the utmost importance here.

This brand pretty much took on the male sex toy market single-handedly and won. Fleshlight has been producing handheld devices for dudes to jerk their meat off with for a few years now and as a personal owner, I can safely say this is an incredible product!
Adult Empire was one of the very first porn shipment sites out there, offering people access to world-class DVDs for a fantastic, competitive price. Free shipping over $25, thousands of DVDs to pick from and a great sex store devoted to world-class products.
The Alive Masturbator is a no-nonsense product for those who want a real, high quality masturbatory aid. You can't beat this if you want luxury jerking assistance!
Sex toys is the name of the game at Intimate Gadgets - we're talking realistic vaginas, Hitachi wands, love eggs, lube and more. Pretty much any type of product you could ever want is available for sale here. Stuck for ideas? Check out the 'top sellers' area for inspiration.
JList is a Japanese product distributor for the Western market. We're talking figurines of anime characters, sexy cosplay outfits, magazines (with titles such as Newtype, BOMB, Hiragana Times and 100% SKE48) plus a whole host of snacks and other goodies. Kawaii!