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Have you noticed how a number of sex toy sites out there have literally hundreds of thousands of products? Sometimes, it’s hard to know which ones are good, which is why sites like Intimate Gadgets is a good place to go. These guys do the hard work and only find the best of the best, so whether you’re shopping for extra-long dildos, chastity devices or magic wands, you’re never going to have an issue with finding the cream of the crop. Intimate Gadgets also works in a number of currencies, so if you’re shopping from the US, UK, Australia or elsewhere, it’s easy to know exactly how much you’re going to be paying for each product.

I recommend that you go to the ‘top sellers’ area for a look at the best products out there: these are the ones that people tend to buy more than others and seeing as fantasy eggs, lube, metal butt plugs and jelly dildos are in there, it makes a lot of sense to check this place out before anywhere else. With competitive shipping rates and a good range of adult sex toys, I have to recommend Intimate Gadgets is a top choice to go for all of your erotic object needs.

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