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Celebs are so fucking overrated, why should I give a damn what you have to say?

While I don’t like to admit it to too many people, I’ll have you all know that deep down inside, and although I do love to mainly focus on reviewing the porn sites, I had to make this exception. I am secretly a bit of a fan of celebrity blogs and that realm of entertainment. I know – it’s wrong, it’s dirty and I feel bad for it, but learning some of the latest Hollywood gossip is just what I like to do when I’ve got the iPad out in bed and feel like doing nothing in particular.

There’s nothing as satisfying as peeking into the life of someone rich and famous, especially if the tea about them is very scandalous. There is no better place to get this piping hot tea than on these blog sites! Owing to the fact that your boy Mr. Porn Geek has spent such a long time searching far and wide for the best celebrity blogs, I figured it was a good idea to devote an area on my site to exactly that. Put simply, this page is all about the top celebrity blogs, nude celeb resources and related sites that are going to take you to a whole new level of pleasure. Did I also mention that every blog listed here is properly checked to make sure its safe for you to browse? You’re welcome.

Let it go dude, the era of Celebrity gossip blogs is long gone

Well, pump your breaks. If what you’re saying is true then TMZ would be gone too, right but its not which means there is still a huge appetite out there for celebrity gossip. Actually, the celebrity news industry is a billion dollar industry because we’re all obsessed with famous people and can’t get enough of them and all their drama. So my man, I don’t know why you think celebrity gossip sites are dead but they’re alive and thriving and my list down below shows which ones are the best for all the breaking news in celeb world. And by the way, if you don’t believe a word I just wrote here, ask yourself which sites people visit first when a celeb sex tape breaks – that’s right, they go to celebrity news blogs!

Is this shit uncensored Mr. Porn Geek or are you just yanking my chain?

I may burst your balls every now and then about shit but I’d never yank your chain when it comes to celeb gossip. Now, just so you know, not all the celebrity gossip sites listed here have juicy pics and vids and yes, some of them have censored photos but a handful of them actually put it all out there completely uncensored. In fact, some of the celebrity news sites now provide both a censored and uncensored version of pictures but of course the latter is usually hidden behind some kind of fold with a strong cautionary warning to click forward at your own peril. They’re a pretty dramatic bunch, aren’t they? To this day I’ve never seen a person hurt from ogling a nip slip or crotch shot.

You’ve got my attention now man, now just show me that video of Kim Kardashian getting fucked like the whore she is!

Hold your horses bro. First of all, does Kanye West know that you’re looking for the Kim K and Ray J fucking video? Just kidding man, I don’t care what Kanye thinks. If you want to Kim Kardashian topless or getting her insides destroyed by a monster black dick then yes, some of these celebrity gossip sites are your best bet for this. Interested in Paris Hilton getting fucked or some candid beach selfies taken by hot Instagram sluts? The top celebrity blogs here are exactly what you need.

They even have social media thots you’ve probably never even heard of! You won’t believe how many girls I know about just because they choose to get naked on social media and those pics get posted on blogs. Hey, if this is how they want to get their 15 minutes of fame, I’m more than happy to help by giving them views. I should also mention here that these blogs are an excellent source for finding hot chicks in bikinis! I pull no punches and only the best of the best will feature, so stop getting intimate with sites that suck when there are plenty of high quality reviews for you to read here in the celebrity porn, nudes, nipslips and related niches.

Like I confessed earlier, celeb gossip is my guilty pleasure so believe me when I say that I’ve visited enough celebrity news sites to now what’s garbage and what’s worth your time. I basically put in the hard work and waded through a ton of junk so you don’t have to. Go ahead and enjoy – you’ll be thanking me later when you get your hands on the best celebrity material around.

Chances are you've heard of Perez Hilton - this celeb gossip monster has been behind some massive scandals over the years and his website is one of the most popular for no-limit stories on all things Hollywood. He even has a sub-site just for Kim K stuff - crazy!
For the latest gossip, news, rumors and more from the world of Hollywood, be sure to go here. Daily updates bringing you everything and anything from Nicki Minaji's hot cameltoe through to Ronda Rousey's wedding dress. If it's news, it's here on Hollywood Life.
The Young, Black and Fabulous (Or just TheYBF) covers celebrity news from a black perspective. We're talking Floyd Mayweather, Kerry Washington, Jay Z, Remy Ma and plenty of other names that are popular in the African American community.
A database in Spanish for every celebrity you could want to know about. Note that ImperioDeFamosas does have an English version, but the text isn't all that great. Anyway, you'll find nude photos, topless videos and the like here. Great for lovers of naked celebs.
Dlisted looks to provide criticism on current celebrities and provide stories about all things famous. Kim K, The Rock, Rita Ora - you name it, an article at some point has probably been posted on DListed about it. Even have a 'Hot Slut of the Month' award!
Just Jared covers pop culture, famous people, Hollywood news and anything else related to celebrities. It updates on a daily basis with new stories and is sometimes the place out of the gate to cover a specific topic. Receives around 500,000 hits a day - not bad.
If there's something fishy going on in the world of celebrities, you can bet your bottom dollar that HollywoodTuna has it covered. Hot girls stripping down and showing off their bodies is always a major selling point - these guys are all about that life.
Entertainment news like you've never seen it before. Highly focused on women and their sexy side, Egotastic will have any dude wanting to find the latest nip slips, erotic photo shoots and associated media happy from the get go. Sexy celebs have never looked so good.
Celebuzz updates around ten times a day with new stories, covering things such as Bella Hadid's perky nipples on display, Farrah Abraham having her pussy operated on, Kim K getting naked (again) and so on. Famous news with a lot of sexy Hollywood fun for good measure.
Nudity is the focus on Drago99 and well, let's just say they do a great job. Each and every day, they release a photo shoot starring the likes of Emilia Clarke, Abbie Cornish, Pixie Lott and Torrie Wilson. If you like nude (or barely dressed) celebrities, go to Drago99.
TMZ likely needs no introduction - heaps of original research, great videos and stories that will have you learning what the true definition of 'gossip' is. There's a reason why TMZ is considered #1 for general celebrity news: they know entertainment better than anyone.
CelebsRoulette is a tube site devoted to erotic scenes from TV, film and online content. All of the material is free to watch and has professional stars doing what they do best: stripping down and acting! Mainly focused on the ladies too, so that's always good for celeb lovers.
TheHollywoodGossip is a gossip site giving you all the juicy information about everything that is happening in Hollywood right now. It is time for sites like TheHollywoodGossip.com to die, I am sick of them!