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Egotastic describes itself as a website devoted to “Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News”, as far as Mr. Porn Geek is concerned, this is exactly the type of place I’d recommend to anyone that wants an erotic-focused look at Hollywood. On the homepage, you’re going to see a mixture of weird news, celebrity photoshoots and some gaming stuff as well. In fact, I don’t know why I’m being told that the Call of Duty beta just started: I want to see some titties and the fact that they’re not on display from the get go is a little disappointing. Where’s all of the sexy celebrity gossip, guys?

After scrolling down a little, I did start to see some posts of the erotic kind. Lindsey Vonn completely naked, Daniela Lopez doing a lingerie photoshoot and the incredible body of Arianny Celeste. One major issue I found was that I couldn’t locate a direct celebrity category, with each link taking me through to a list of names that are sorted alphabetically. I suppose that’s good for other reasons, but come on Egotastic: where’s the ‘show me sexy and/or naked celebrity content only’ – that’s what we’re all coming here to see.

I have to say that I think is trying to serve two masters at the same time. Woo the mainstream audience with the tame gossip fluff and cater to us porn pervs with a nip slip here and there and some lingerie shoots. Its disappointing to the say the least and on occasion I found myself yelling at the screen out of frustration. I mean, how hard is it for Egotastic to pick a lane and stick to it?

I suppose though I should be careful what I wish for because if they had to choose one, I bet they’d lean more towards mainstream. Like I said, disappointing. What’s not disappointing however, is how neatly laid out is. They use a blog format so checking out their content is super easy. If you’re in a hurry, you can just quickly scroll through the first page to catch a glimpse of the fresh gossip but if you have a little bit of time on your hands, you can go through section by section.

The photos section seems to be where most of the good shit is. I’m talking hot babes in bikinis, sexy asses sticking out of thongs and all that jazz. If you know your celebs then you’ll recognize some of the names here but even if you’re not familiar with the people in the pictures, you should still be able to enjoy their hot bodies anyway.

The Egotastic video section is honestly one you may want to skip over if you’re just looking for material to wank off to because it has none. Correction, I didn’t find any but full disclosure, I only scanned through the recent vid posts and all of them were about movie trailers. I did however spot a video with the top 3 full frontal scenes of 2018 and that’s just about the most exciting thing this section had to offer.

Don’t want to be bothered with all the section hopping? Just click on over to the most popular posts. Now this is where Egotastic seems to hide all their gems like the pics of Bella Hadid’s hardened nipples pressing so hard against her shirt fabric that it looks like they’re about to poke a hole in it! Alternatively, just hit up the search box and see if Egotastic has what you’re desperately seeking. As long as its entertainment-related, chances are they have it here.

Review Pros
  • Some erotic content
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Weird advertisements
  • No 'porn' button