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Perez Hilton

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TMZ is likely the biggest name in celebrity gossip and know the deal when it comes to getting the lately scoop on big stories involving big stars. Their resources are pretty damn impressive and some massive releases have come as a result of this site. What makes TMZ a little different to other gossip destinations is that they don’t care about posting X-rated material. You’ll see beach booty, bikini selfies, Instagram sluts getting naked and yeah, pretty much everything that dudes want from a celebrity magazine.

The stories on the homepage at the moment involve stars such as Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Ryan Lochte and Ella Rose. They update the site more than any other celebrity gossip machine out there and for that reason, TMZ has to be considered one of the kingpins in their coverage of famous people bullshit. They typically avoid anything serious and stick to a light-hearted tone to every single story that they do. You can also watch TMZ if you really want – it’s basically recordings of stories that the group has done from the studio. Interesting concept and shows how much these guys love what they do.

Review Pros
  • Updates regularly
  • Lots of unique stories
  • Some sexy pictures
Review Cons
  • Nothing too serious
  • Some adverts