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TheHollywoodGossip is a gossip site, surprisingly. It has loads of “news” stories on there telling you all about the latest celebrity news. It also has a lot of articles about generic bollocks from TV and films with click-bait titles to entice you in. Click on any one of the stories on TheHollywoodGossip, and you receive your daily dose of mind-numbing gossip about people that won’t be relevant tomorrow!

Hooray, another gossip site. This is the first and last gossip site I have ever visited. From the looks of this gossip site, I haven’t been missing out on much. Apparently, some lady has tried to attack her partner with a machete recently and apparently this lady is famous. Well, isn’t she a naughty little devil! Also, apparently, Justin Bieber is back being evil. Not for his shit music this time, it has something to do with the way he talks about women. Did you think Justin Bieber would have a healthy relationship with women? Are you crazy?

I’ve no idea why I have been chosen to write about TheHollywoodGossip, but I have, so let’s take a look at this poxy site and see what the fuck is going on in the world, shall we?

The design of TheHollywoodGossip

Well, the design and layout of TheHollywoodGossip reminds me of those shit women’s magazines you see. The layout is just a bunch of thumbnails with click-bait articles and the design wouldn’t be out of place in the ’90s. It just looks like an online magazine full of stuff no one gives two shits about. It is basically the birthplace of all of the articles on Facebook that you scroll past to get to the juicy argument your mates are having. If you do that on Facebook, then you should actually check out TheHollywoodGossip, you may like it!

The design of the website just keeps the shit flowing too. When you scroll to near the bottom of the page, more articles load up about some dickhead from One Direction or some twat called O.J. Simpson who is threatening to murder people on Twitter. Funny, I didn’t think he threatened people before he carried out acts like that, I must have fallen asleep during that part of the documentary.

TheHollywoodGossip does a good job at keeping you on their site, if you like gossip. It is just full of stuff, some of it might be true, most of it is probably a load of shit. I suppose that is a good thing for the gossip site, it certainly isn’t good for the readers that should probably invest their time more wisely. Perhaps paint a wall, watch it dry, you could even stream it and become a YouTuber!

Something else notable about TheHollywoodGossip

Hmm, something else, something else! Nope, there isn’t anything notable about this gossip site. It is an awful place to be. The site looks like 90’s leftovers and the news stories are not news at all. They are just things that people say that may get views and comments, that’s it. Honestly, if you like gossip, then I am sure you’ll find this site wonderful. If you don’t, don’t waste your time! Go and do something more productive. Start a snail racing competition or bake the largest loaf of bread in the world. Find out how Rose could have saved Jack in the Titanic (the door could have fit him on too Rose you selfish bitch).

Spending any time on will leave you lacking brain cells. It is just a bunch of celebrity breakdowns captured by people who are having their own breakdown because they work for such a shit website. Why on earth would you waste your time on TheHollywoodGossip?

Additional features for TheHollywoodGossip to consider

Well, if shutting the site down, burning the servers and torturing the writers isn’t an option, perhaps TheHollywoodGossip could consider adding some positive vibes to their site. The reason I am so angry about TheHollywoodGossip is that it is just car crash TV but in written form. They want you not to be able to look away because that is how they make their money. There are no positive news stories on this site because no one is interested in positive news. Well, what about gay pride and all the heroes that are coming from that event, perhaps a nice story about a dog saving a baby’s life. Not all news stories have to be about a dog who did save a baby’s life but only to eat it afterwards.

This site wants everyone to feel shitty and awful about themselves. Not just the celebrities that they are telling stories about, but the reader too. The reader reads that some ballsack on some show feels ugly, the reader thinks they are more beautiful than them, so they too feel ugly. It is a circle of depression that needs to stop.

The Geek’s final thoughts on TheHollywoodGossip

Quite honestly, this site and every other site like TheHollywoodGossip can go and fuck itself. These sites depress every one involved in them. They depress the writers because they know they could be writing better articles, they depress the readers because what chance do they have feeling happy when a beautiful multi-millionaire doesn’t feel happy and it depresses me because I had to spend time on TheHollywoodGossip to write this review.

I don’t care if this review has come across a little salty, fuck gossip sites. You have plenty to do in this world rather than sit and make yourself feel shitty on these poxy sites. Come and watch some porn and forget about TheHollywoodGossip! You’ll feel much better about yourself I can promise you that.

So overall, there was a lot of content on the site, lots of click-bait titles, and it has a 90’s layout that needs to be redone. Other than that, yeah, I’d say this site was good!

Review Pros
  • Design isn’t too bad
  • Well written articles
  • Thumbnails are nice size
Review Cons
  • Depressing
  • Click-bait
  • Worthless