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Whether you’re a guy or a girl, finding a professional publication that deals with sex, eroticism, pornography and lots of other topics related to your gender is likely something you’d be interested in. Mr. Porn Geek has gone ahead and reviewed a number of the best porn sites out there in these types of niches and compiled them all in one location so you know where to look. Note that most of the adult magazines you see reviewed on Mr. Porn Geek are male-focused in nature – this is simply because most guys are the ones that like this kind of stuff. Sorry ladies, but unless you’re a fan of strength training, watches, fast cars and babes that have big tits, you might find the range of adult magazines here a little out of your comfort zone. As for the men reading this that really like to have online publications devoted to their masculinity: I’ve got some nice sites lined up for you! We’re talking the cream of the crop with Men’s Health, Maxim and some more porn-focused destinations that are bound to make your experience of reading web magazines that much more enjoyable seeing as I know what’s hot and what’s not. Enjoy, fellas.


AVN, also known as Adult Video News, is an online magazine that updates on a daily basis with a range of mature-themed subjects. New sex products, reviews of documentaries, site launches and whatever else - this is the BBC of adult entertainment!

XBIZ is an adult industry news website that provides featured articles on pornstars, updates to affiliate programs, changes in law affecting the industry and more. If you're someone that works in porn or just have an interest in meta-concepts, check it out.

Playboy made a change in the direction of their website a few years ago that has seen them become increasingly involved in politics and current events. I recommend visiting the 'Bunnies' and 'Sex & Culture' sections - they're the best areas of the site.

Maxim is an entertainment magazine primed toward men that enjoy adventure, sexy women, nice clothes and sports. If you're a guy that wants to maximize the man in you, I can't think of a better source of articles that will help you achieve that goal.

The lady's version of Maxim is Cosmopolitan - a site that dedicates itself to all things women. Gossip about Kim K, style advice, wedding-themed posts and plenty more. If you're a lady that likes being a lady, consider checking out Cosmopolitan.

Men's Health is a fitness and wellness themed magazine that aims to improve the physical characteristics of the guys that visit the site. Good eats, ab workouts - you name it, this place has it. For men that want a better body, this is the place to go.

The adult magazines reviewed here are what I consider to be the best of the best. Mr. Porn Geek wastes no time on sites that aren't worth sharing with the world and I genuinely believe you're going to enjoy reading my reviews and seeing what I have to say about these various locations. The best online publications in the adult sphere typically include a mixture of good looking women, fast cars, top quality fashion and other testosterone-fueled goodies that are going to make you feel manly as fuck. Stop wasting your time with sites that suck and instead, let's get you on board with some of the better adult magazines out there. Read on, folks - you're going to love what you find here.