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As someone that spends a lot of time in the adult industry, XBIZ.com is a website that brings out the best in what the world of porn is all about. This is the real adult industry news site that shares everything and everything sex related, all with a positive slant on the world of adult entertainment. You’ll find a homepage which has articles about new Fleshlight models, the development of the webcam industry and businesses in the world of blue that are changing up how things work. It might not be that great for those general porn surfers that just want to jerk it, but if you work in the business, check this place out every so often.

XBIZ.com updates with new articles several times a day, with as many as 10 articles every 24 hours. The site also has a good educational area where you can learn about selling dildos, how to get repeat business and what search engine optimization is all about. Adult webmasters, pornstars and anyone else that wants a deeper look at the adult industry should definitely check out XBIZ.com – it’s a good site and their award ceremonies are great too.

Review Pros
  • Regular news posts
  • Big company
  • Well managed
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  • Some adverts