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AVN, which stands for .. actually, you know what, I’ve got no idea what AVN stands for. Maybe Adult Video Network? Regardless, it doesn’t seem like they use that name much anymore and they stick to just the ‘AVN’ title. Anyway, this is basically one of the biggest and best news sites on the Internet for those that are interested in adult entertainment, the porn industry and sex-related news, current events, law changes and the like. Let me put it in a really simple sentence: if you want to have a new sources that is everything and everything erotic, visit AVN.com.

The latest articles here include a porn film festival, DVD releases of a gay studio, a Trump parody porn site and a patented douche that allegedly allows you to give the best possible clean around. The site tends to update with new stories about 5 times a day and categories make it easy for you to find the exact type of content you’re interested in. So whether you want legal news, entertainment, tech developments or something else, be sure to pay a visit to AVN at some point and enjoy their online adult magazine – it’s well worth it.

Review Pros
  • Regular updates
  • Big organisation
Review Cons
  • Not much porn