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Maxim is, essentially, a website that is devoted to everything and anything men. If you’re a chick, I recommend you find another site, because is all about fast cars, hot chicks, guns, cool shit and everything masculine. You’re not going to find pink, nail polish, celebrity drama or any of that nonsense on Maxim – just good women and everything else that guys like. From the homepage, you’ll have no issue easily navigating to the area that’s specifically interesting to your desires – the choice of women, style, gear, rides, entertainment, sports, luxury, maxim man, video and finally, maxim fit are all provided to you.

Naturally, I headed on over to the women section and was pleased to see pretty much all of the posts feature babes in bikinis. We’re talking Australian Instagram models, Pamela Anderson photographs from way back in the day, Kylie Jenner messing around with latex and yeah, lots of stuff in that type of category. As far as I’m concerned, is the closest that a man can come to porn without his girl getting pissed. Oh, their other sections of cars and stuff is pretty good too, but I know not everyone’s into that.

Review Pros
  • Regular updates
  • Great site design
Review Cons
  • Not much porn
  • Some bad articles