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Men’s Health has been around for a while now and to be honest, I think it’s pretty good on the surface. I say on the surface because there are some elements I dislike, but I’ll discuss that soon enough. If you’ve not heard of this online magazine, it’s basically about working out, dressing up, looking great and keeping your sex life healthy and enjoyable. A lot of the content is based upon how to keep fit and look after yourself and on the whole, the advice is pretty good. Any blog that recommends guys get into shape instead of staying fat (and having a ‘dad bod’) is something I can get behind.

Sometimes, Men’s Health says something that is just flat-out incorrect about health or fitness. They don’t rely as heavily upon scientific research as they should and because of that, I can’t help but knock off a point. If you’re going to be all about getting fit and healthy, at least make sure what you’re saying is verified by the scientific community. Maybe I’m just being a bit of a snob, but there may be better places to go for health advice. That said, isn’t all that bad.

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  • Lots of articles
  • Generally good advice
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  • Some bad articles