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Does Mr. Porn Geek hate women? Of course not, my mother is a woman, so is my sister and most importantly, the nubile chick I stick my dick inside on a weekly basis is also a woman. That said, I have a pretty big fucking problem with Cosmopolitan, which describes itself as ‘The Women’s Magazine’. They claim to offer advice on sex dating and fashion, as well as providing an outlet for celebrity news. Just exactly what does this mean? Well, you can visit the homepage now and see ‘The Most Popular Handbag in the Country’ alongside an article called ‘9 One Night Stand Behaviours Guys Need To Stop’. Oh joy, another website that loves to shit on men! That’ll bring in the clicks.

I had to list this in the interests of balance and to bring the lady readers of Mr. Porn Geek something to check out, but I honestly hope that my audience isn’t interested in this kind of nonsense. has published some absolutely trash articles in the past – some of which are genuinely dangerous – and I’d highly recommend you find another place to get your dose of lady news. 2 Stars, Cosmo – and you don’t even deserve that.

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