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The Fappening…This was the greatest thing to happen to the internet right?

Yes! The Fappening was one of the greatest things to ever happen online, particularly if you love your porn, and Mr. Porn Geek is going to let you enjoy it in all its glory. The Fappening – what a huge fucking incident that was in the history of the Internet, right? If you don’t know what The Fappening was, let me explain: in September of 2014, a bunch of private pictures and some videos of celebrities were uploaded to 4Chan by someone that found an exploit in iCloud that allowed them to access the files of someone else’s account – essentially, a problem in the iCloud API that allowed the person to brute force passwords.

Note that while it’s called The Fappening by most non-retards, the term adopted by most media organisations was Celebgate – silly, right? Anyway, once the celebrity photos were released, the Internet essentially broke, and by the Internet, I mean Reddit. A lot of the content got shared and reposted there, making a huge issue for the admins to control what was going on. Okay, so the history lesson is over, but the outcome was controversial, as lots of celebrity photos were now released to the public that should have been private.

What does Mr. Porn Geek think about this privacy violation?

I’m not too sure, but I’m only here to report on the porn, not try to control it. You’ll see I review a massive list of porn sites already, so imagine the time it would take me or someone else in this business to patrol the privacy violations of all these porn sites!

There were lots of porn sites devoted to the incident and the following leaks that occurred on the 20th and 25th of September. I’ve reviewed some of the better ones for you and hope that you get the best of the best in Fappening pleasure. I love celebrity porn and I think you will too – especially when it’s all amateur! It’s crazy that this all happened and yeah, it’ll likely go down as the most defining point in the history of celebrity porn.

Are you telling me these are all real naked celebrities?

Well, Mr. Porn Geek has seen a lot of crap photos. Many of the pictures are fake. In fact, half the crap looks like somebody has snapped a photograph of a person that vaguely looks like a celebrity…if you squint really hard. That would have been all well and good back in the early days of the internet, but we are in the age of The Fappening. That shit is not going to fly with Mr. Porn Geek. When you have real celeb photos out there, why not actually look at them?

Many of the photos released during The Fappening are 100% verified photos. The person came out and flat out said “yeah, that is me”. Some people are keeping it a little bit on the ‘down low’, just because they think it will ruin their career (look at what happened with Kim Kardashian, love. It is stuff like this which gives your career a kick up the ass). If you look at the fappening porn sites, these mad lads ain’t fooled. They know which pictures are genuine and which are nothing but a whole load of hogwash. Mr. Porn Geek helps you avoid the hogwash. You aren’t ever gonna sleep with these celebs (Mr. Porn Geek is going to be real with you for a second, because he cares) but you can certainly see them in all their glory.

Remember; a lot of these pictures are not professionally shot. In fact, none of them are. This means that the quality may be a little crap on some of them, but they are still real, naked celebrities and that is all that anybody really wants from this. Real candid shots. It makes you think that they have been taken just for you (you can think they have been if you want!)

Sounds awesome! How can I see these nude celeb pictures?

By heading to any one of the websites Mr. Porn Geek has reviewed for a start. Plenty that you can tap into. These are sites that are still regularly updated (leaks are constantly happening), so you will always have the best celeb porn at your fingertips. If you’ve been looking for a place to find The Fappening porn, look no further than Mr. Porn Geek. I’ve gone ahead and reviewed the best places to find the celebrity leaked material for you to enjoy, plus a few of these places even update with new leaks and celebrity entertainment that you might be interested in.

To give you a good idea of what’s good when it comes to The Fappening pictures and videos, I’ve written a review alongside all of the sites and included a small list of pros and cons. Please – use this information to your advantage in order to hunt down your preferred location to find this type of entertainment. I know you’re going to love it and hope that Mr. Porn Geek has done all he can to provide you with the XXX celebrity material you wanted. Porn starring famous babes like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Jessica Findlay and Kirsten Dunst is incredible – so go ahead and jerk off to it until you nut all the nuts you can!

Do you think they’ll be a new celebrity fappening?

Since we’re becoming quite a lot more focused in our habits of sharing things online and that type of thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of celebrities in the future ended up having their nudes leaked and hardcore porn videos shared. Sex tapes are practically a ticket to the big leagues now anyway: everyone wants to be able to get their hands on the best fappening media since the whole thing kicked off a few years ago. That said, we might go the other way too – it wouldn’t surprise me if more and more celebrities started to realize just how dangerous it was to have XXX media on their phones and computers, so they may just decide to stop producing all of that stuff unless they’re trying to have it leaked on purpose.

I guess only time will tell, but I will be honest with you: I’m hoping that we have a new celebrity fappening each and every year! I want to see some of the big ticket women out there in Hollywood have their homemade sex tapes published for the world to see. We need to stop demonizing sex and one of the ways we can do that is just to make it as public and pleasurable as possible for everyone. I’ve got a few celebrities in mind that I wouldn’t mind seeing fucked and yeah – some that already have sex tapes who wouldn’t be bad to watch fucking in front of the lens again. Kim K for instance: she’s only gotten hotter since that first tape leaked and to see her in her MILF glory taking a dick wouldn’t go amiss. Whether or not it’s Kayne’s doesn’t matter to me – although saying that, I can think of the perfect video for Kim to appear in: one with me fucking her! She’s the queen of keeping men entertained for a reason, guys: she’s just so fucking good at putting that ass to work and making cash from it. Hopefully Mr. Porn Geek gets to fuck Kim Kardashian in a new best fappening release but yeah, not likely considering I’m in a relationship and not about that life.

Did the fappening damage any of the celebrities that featured in it initially?

Nah – the leaks were pretty much a benefit to any of the models who had their nudes shared on the Internet. They might not like to admit it, but everyone knows a few nude images and a sex tape or two are a perfect way of getting into the media limelight. You often get a stellar deal from the big companies out there that you can publish it through as well: names like Vivid and such. Those guys will sell the best sex tapes if they get the opportunity to do so and give you a cut of the profits to boot! It’s a weird industry, but yeah: I do love a good fappening story.

The truth is that the best fappening stories always end up being positive for the models and celebrities involved: it’s a net win for everyone involved, so let’s stop pretending that it’s anything less than amazing and just jerk off our cocks to the hottest Hollywood stars before we’re all too old for our dicks to work. I’ve got limited time on this planet, so I’m going to put in work to make sure that I have the largest number of orgasms possible. The fappening helped a lot with that: I love celebrities and after checking out my list of the best fappening websites, you will too! Thanks for dropping by and please: enjoy all of these hand-written reviews by the king of smut, Mr. Porn Geek.

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