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You just know that perfect vacation for Mr. Porn Geek entails searching for new and exotic places filled with all the goodies you expect from a great website, and it’s the way this vacation went as well. I was busy checking out some of the sites that got recommended to me and one of them definitely blew me away. Check out

Celebrity-based porn site? We’ve seen that already, what makes stand out?

Well, my friends, we have seen some celebrity-oriented porn sites indeed, but can you really have too much of that? I say no. The other thing is; is kinda different from the pack in the sense that their library is much better organized and tagged properly. This means that if you have a craving for cranking a huge load to your favorite celebrity, you don’t have to spend half an hour looking up videos that will get you over the hump. It takes less than a minute to find the celebrity and all the available content and it’s as simple as you would imagine.

Is that all? Celebrity-leaked tapes and porn videos?

Oh but no, it’s much more. As you already know, many celebrities don’t have explicit videos, but they have so many amazing movie sex-scenes that got you hot and horny for them in the first place. basically collects and categorizes them as well. This means if your favorite actress has a couple of hot scenes in different movies, you can watch them all in the same place and crank a nice big load with no effort. Imagine seeing all the best and sexiest scenes from your favorite celebrity in one place, carefully edited so you don’t have to skip or rewind. It’s almost as good as a porn movie, right?

Ok Mr. Porn Geek, how much will this cost me? is a tube site and it doesn’t cost a thing to watch the majority of the content. There are definitely perks of getting an exclusive account, but if that is not your cup of tea, you don’t have to. Their library is stacked, the site works flawlessly and it’s really easy to find your way around it. The last thing worth mentioning is that also offers plenty of images including the ones from the previous celebrity leaks. The way I see is; all the sexy celebrity content in one place.

Review Pros

  • Free content
  • Well-categorized database
  • Plenty of sexy celebrity videos
  • Easy to use

Review Cons

  • Pop-up ads