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Isn’t the Fappening Blog so 2000?

You’ve got a thing for lots of celebrity porn and nude pictures, right? Well say no more, fam: Mr. Porn Geek will always have you covered with the latest and greatest material known to man. The Fappening New is a site that has taken the concept of The Fappening and ran wild with it.

Instead of just showing you the content leaked back in 2015 when iCloud accounts were hacked, you’re now getting to see modern stuff – both amateur and professional – that will make you bust a nut in a matter of minutes. Take it from me: this place is fantastic!

And just to be crystal clear – no the fappening blog isn’t outdated, its fresher than fresh. Like I said, they have stuff from the original fappening that caused a shit storm across the globe but they also have recent paparazzi snaps, more leaked celeb nudes (don’t they ever learn?!) and of course pics of all these wanna-be Instagram thots.

This blog is in it for the long haul and as long as celebs keep filming themselves doing the horizontal mambo jumbo or if they keep on taking pics of themselves in skimpy outfits, you can count on these guys to get their hands on those pics and vids and post them up here for our viewing pleasure.

What’s special about this new fappening?

Let’s start with the most important thing: the numbers. Right now, there are literally hundreds of famous girls on the left-hand side of the page. You can click on them to see what’s available on the site that features them. We’re talking Mellisa Clarke, Kylie Jenner, Chloe Lecareux and plenty more.

The names are arranged alphabetically and the list seems to go on forever so be prepared to scroll for quite a long time! I noticed one interesting thing – the new fappening isn’t age-specific. What I mean is they have hot young things on their list and then they have the likes of Wendy Williams making an appearance on the list too. I don’t know who’s checking for Wendy but hey, whatever works for you mate.

It also seems that TheFappeningNew tends to update with new celebrity content around once a day – that’s not too bad when you think about it! The daily update is actually multiple updates in one so you get 5+ picture posts all featuring different celebs in various stages of undressing.

With the original fappening, you were lucky to get even more than a couple of dirty pics of a particular celeb but with the new fappening, you get a ton of pictures per celeb. Take Alexis Ren for example, a recent update about her includes 5 gorgeous, high res pictures. Or the totally wank worthy pics of the stunning Meline Carmona Meurant. Five seems to be the magic number here too except Meline’s pictures seem to push the envelope just a tad which makes them perfect for fappeningnew.

I have to mention here – in the interest of full disclosure – that most of the material seems sourced from instagram. One way of looking at it is that the webmaster is lazy or my preferred way of looking at it is that the folks at the new fappening are saving me time by combing through countless social media accounts to get me just the good stuff. To their credit, they link back to each Instagram account the pictures are lifted from.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, okay so they have non nude bikini photos but where is the nude stuff? I get it, you’re not interested in the PG-rated pictures, you want the R-rated ones. Me too, mate. And for those, you have to go to a special section on fappeningnew. Its aptly titled “only nude celebrity leaked photos” and this is where you can apparently find all the stolen private nude pictures the top stars don’t want you to see. I naturally clicked on this tab but the only thing I found was a link to thefappeningnew’s sister blog. Yes, it has some pics but I would have preferred to have them posted on thefappeningnew instead of sending me off to another destination!

Thankfully, you don’t get jerked around as much when you click on the video download tab. There isn’t a whole lot to see here but there are three videos you can download and add to your private stash today. That includes 6 clips of Jessica Brown-Findlay sucking cock and getting herself off solo, Jenny McCarthy’s leaked cock sucking video and Ruby Johansson getting dicked down like a five dollar whore.

The video download page also includes a link to Amber Heard’s fappening photos (nothing to see there to be honest) and another link to Melissa Benoist’s own fappening moment. The latter is why blogs like this exist. Ms. Benoist isn’t just posing around topless, trying to look cute. No, her very clear leaked private pics show her spread out wide on a bed with a guy going balls deep inside her hairy cunt. Oh, she also gets to ride the dude and every orgasmic moment of what was supposed to be a private hook up between these two is now plastered all over the internet for us perverts to enjoy.

Off goes Mr. Porn Geek to check out

Anyway, the seemingly endless scrolling on the fappening new is tiresome but that didn’t stop me from enjoying all the pictures here. I think that this is a solid site with a lot of great content. Let’s just say that I think it’s best for lovers of celeb porn to head on over and see what you get. Mr. Porn Geek is going to do exactly that right now!

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  • Hundreds of sidebar links