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“Daddy has been a word that lots of people are using nowadays: I’m not entirely sure what it means when it comes to the site title of Celebs Daddy! The content here is basically X-rated celebrity stuff – you’re going to see the best stars from Hollywood and around the world getting naked and having a great time. We’re talking candid photos, topless beach shoots, movie scenes and more. If it stars a celebrity and the videos or pictures are worth jerking off over, chances are that CelebsDaddy.me has it ready and waiting for you somewhere on their blog.

This place updates 2 to 3 times a day and has done so for a very long time. There are over 2,000 posts in total and the site only started in April of 2015 – just goes to show that this blog is 100% devoted to content of a celebrity nature! As a little tip, I recommend using the sidebar’s ‘most viewed posts’ feature if you want to see the most popular content. To give you a little flavour of what you can find, here are a few names featured on the blog: Olympia Valance, Willa Holland, Lady Gaga, Rosie Jones and Bella Hadid. Not a bad little cast of famous babes in heat, that’s for sure!”

Review Pros
  • Daily content updates
  • Lots of posts
  • Great celebrity content
Review Cons
  • Limited videos
  • Average site controls