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Man, where do I start with Playboy? For some reason, these guys went one way and then another after the development of the Internet. I mean, back in the day, Playboy published nude photography of girls, right? But they didn’t actually show anything hardcore … until the Internet came around and then you could see lots of hardcore scenes on their websites. Well, a few years ago, decided that their magazine entity was moving away from X-rated content and now, you’ll find girls in bikinis at the absolute best. Did I miss the memo when tits and ass stopped being so damn popular?

The homepage for Playboy right now features articles on how to avoid getting screwed by a landlord, talk of the US election, some feminist article about how much men suck. I mean, for fuck’s sake, Playboy: how did you allow this to happen? No one coming to your site wants to feel like a piece of shit for liking naked women, so why are you forcing us to endure this new world in which men are suddenly only interested in personalities and nothing else? You get a few stars for your history, but this is by far the best place for a dude looking to knock one out should visit.

Review Pros
  • Historic company
  • Some adult articles
Review Cons
  • Lots of SJW nonsense
  • Dumb articles