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It’s fair to say that out of all the sites featured on Mr. Porn Geek in the celebrity news category, Just Jared is the one that hasn’t provided me with the best erotic entertainment. While there are some links here that talk about girls getting naked and guys taking off their shirts, Just Jared seems to be quite a bit tame and only shows off non-nude content. Come on guys, we want to see some tits! It’s pretty teasing when you get so close to the cookie by JustJared.com decides that it’s better not to provide you with all the goods.

Still, I have you give them credit for updating regularly and sticking to their guns. I recommend that if you see an article headline that tickles your fancy in the X-rated department, you might want to search Google for something that’s going to actually give you what you want. Pixels are not sexy, and it seems like Just Jared wants to censor anything that was ever good about the whole idea of celebrities getting naked. One search for ‘Emily Ratajkowski will tell you all you need to know.

Review Pros

  • Updates regularly
  • Big company
  • Lots of sources

Review Cons

  • Pixelates nudity
  • Tame reporting