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Your friendly neighbourhood Porn Geek initially thought that this site was – a place where people found guys dating guys – turns out it’s actually TheYBF – the Young, Black and Famulous. On this celebrity site, you’re going to see celebrity gossip that is entirely focused upon those of a certain ethnic persuasion. We’re talking African Americans that are famous and killing it in Hollywood. The news here ain’t about Crackers, so if you’re looking for that type of content, I suggest you visit another hub of news.

The header links will take you to various categories, including photos, interviews, music, tips, videos and finally, the shop. New articles are published on the site multiple times per day and for my money, the ‘photoshoots’ section is where most of ya’ll will be wanting to head. It’s not all adult,. but you will see some top quality black queens with delicious chocolate skin stripping down every once in a while. is a well-designed site and yeah, for anyone that has a particular interest in black celebrity news, no site does it better.

Review Pros
  • Updates regularly
  • Good niche
Review Cons
  • Not much adult content