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Hollywood Life is a blog and news site devoted to the latest developments in entertainment and gossip. It has that classic magazine vibe with articles such as ‘How to get a Kim Kardashian butt without sacrificing burgers and pizza” as well stuff like ‘Selena Gomez’s best bikini pics’. A real mixture of material and to be honest, I’d say that a large majority of it is not going to be interesting to those of you that are looking for adult material. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but yeah: we definitely want to see more of the good stuff from babes like Emily Ratajwowski.

The fashion tab seems to be where most of the erotic content comes from. They seem to think that a Instagram selfie of a chick in a thong is ‘fashion’, and I’m not going to complain with that analysis. Hollywood Life does update often with new stories and if you’re not always looking for an adult source of entertainment and Hollywood news, I can certainly see it as being a decent destination to visit. It also has quite a decent site design, which has been lacking in the last few sites I’ve reviewed for the celebrity news section here on Mr. Porn Geek.

Review Pros
  • Regular updates
  • Great site design
  • Good organisation
Review Cons
  • Not much adult content
  • A few adverts