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A tube site that only shows off famous people getting naughty? Yup – that’s pretty much the whole focus of this site, and it’s damn good too! CelebsRoulette.com is your fairly standard tube but only looks at famous people getting down and dirty. You’ll find Emma Roberts, Ruth Wilson, Joanna Page and many others doing their bit to show you just how naughty celebrities can be. The content seems to be heavily focused upon celebrities doing what they do in TV and film – I searched for sex tapes but couldn’t find a thing. Too bad – there are some great ones out there!

Well, now that you know what to expect from this tube site, let’s play celebsroulette and see what this wheel throws back out at us. Along the top of the site, you’ll see links to the latest uploaded scenes, top rated videos, most viewed posts and some other stuff too. I recommend you take a look at the top rated celebrity nude videos – that’s where you’re likely to get your hands on the great stuff! Alternatively, you can spy on the other visitors by checking out what videos are being watched by others in that exact moment. Its always interesting to see what appeals to others and when I visited celeb roulette someone was watching Kerry Fox give a passionate and very explicit blowjob while someone else was ogling Eliza Dushku’s perfect ass and long legs in a clip from “Nobel Son”.

Speaking of clips, one thing worth mentioning here is just how short the clips on celebrity roulette are. The longest clip I found was about 4 minutes long but the average seems to be about 2 minutes for each clip. Its short, yes but also packed with so much goodness! Updates are slow but that’s kind of expected as it’s not every day that celebrity porn comes out from Hollywood. Right now though, celebsroulette is jam packed with close to 4,000 naughty scenes spread out over 165 pages. That’s a lot of nudity and thankfully they have some basic tools to help you find your way around this whole collection. You can sort the smut at celebs roulette by categories or simply use the search box to find a particular scene. The quality of the videos is pretty good and of course, like I mentioned earlier, the length varies and greatly depends on how long the scene went on for in whatever production it came from.

I’ve spent so much time talking about vids that you’d think that’s all this site has to offer. It isn’t. They have stacks of pictures too. Most are up-skirts but there are a bunch of leaked nude selfies too.

I bet you never realised just how much nudity is in movies and even TV shows. You probably thought it wasn’t a lot but this celebrity roulette collection proves otherwise. Hollywood is getting naughtier and these guys are collecting all the receipts! They have a boatload of content here but if there’s a picture or video you feel they’ve overlooked, you can upload it yourself. That privilege is reserved for members only though but the good news is membership is free. So sign up for an account and get to uploading all your clips and pics. You don’t need a membership to watch any of the videos or browse through the pictures here.

This tube site isn’t as big or even as popular as other sites in this niche but its a nice little corner of the internet to escape to if you just want to check out the uncensored naughtier side of Hollywood.

Review Pros
  • A large archive of content
  • High quality videos
Review Cons
  • No sex tapes
  • Doesn't update much