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Mr. Porn Geek’s analysis of SimpleEscorts

Hello friends – it’s your favorite website reviewer here today and for your eyes this afternoon, I’m going to tell you all about a place by the name of SimpleEscorts. I’ve long been a fan of physical intimacy (really putting myself out there, eh?) and while jerking off is fun, so if fucking an actual broad! The competition in this space is insanely competitive, so when I come across a new escorting platform, you better believe that it better deliver – or I’m probably not going to have much interest in what’s going on. So the question is: does SimpleEscorts have what’s required to make me a happy chappy? Read on below and I’ll give you my full, professional analysis of this destination.

Select your country at SimpleEscorts

One of the most important things when it comes to escort destinations is their ability to make it convenient for you to access ladies in your local region, or at least provide you with a way to seek those from a place you plan to visit. Simple Escort is somewhat international in this regard, with listings for over a dozen different locations. These include the likes of Australia, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia and the UK. Sadly, there’s no coverage of North America (Canadians and Americans are going to be out of luck!), but it might be something they add in the future, so if you’re from there – don’t despair!
To get an idea of what’s going on here, I naturally went with my current location: Australia. What’s interesting is that I’ve also lived in NZ, Malaysia and the UK before, so 4 of these destinations I can attest to personally! Anyhow, once you hit the dropdown for the country you’re interested in, you’ll then be shown a number of cities that you can select from. Each country has a few dozen or so to pick from on average, scaling with the size of the nation and its sprawl. I figured it was best to look at the Gold Coast escorts for Australia – I plan to move there at some point and everyone knows that it’s where the hottest action goes down.

A look at the SimpleEscorts talent

One of the most important things when it comes to escort adverts online is that they’re frequent and fresh: I’m pleased to see that there have been a bunch of new entries this week on SimpleEscorts and from what I can tell, they’re not scraped from any third-party destination either. The listing interface is pretty convenient and you’ve got the ability to scroll down and inspect the images attached to the profiles to get a sense of what’s going on. Along the left-hand side of SimpleEscorts, they present you with a few different predefined tags that you might be interested in. Not everyone on the platform is your standard young white girl, so these features are good for the purposes of honing in on your flavor of choice.
For instance, there’s an Asian escorts button you can hit – I think I’ve said before quite a few times that Mr. Porn Geek is addicted to Eastern broads and the fact that you can press this button is a dream come true for me. There’s also an option for Indian babes if that’s your cup of tea, or if you’re a little more adventurous – filtering to only show transsexuals. A couple of other options exist and it’s a pleasure to see that every country and city around the world has this kind of convenient filtering. While I cannot guarantee that your shanty town in South America will have a bunch of Asian chicks to slam, you at least have the opportunity to find out quickly thanks to the folks at SimpleEscorts!

An analysis of SimpleEscorts ads

So after clicking on an advert, you’ll be presented with a short written area that the escorts can use to tell you about the type of service they have to offer. Compared to other places, I’d say that SimpleEscorts is a little on the skinny side when it comes to the written word, although they’ve got a big focus on pictures – something I’m more than happy to trade off an essay for! Plenty of posts here had 5 to 10 images and in some cases, more. The quality is reasonable and the gallery feature is simple to use (I tried it on my phone too – went off without a hitch).
If you find a companion that you’re interested in, smash the contact button and you’ll be given a phone number. Word of advice though: most escorts are only interested in text, so don’t call them up thinking you’re going to be having a chat on the phone.

Some suggestions for SimpleEscorts

In the interests of balance, I do want to point out a few areas of improvement for SimpleEscorts. Firstly: adding North America would be a big boost for them in terms of business. I know it’s a bit of an undertaking and there are risks, but if that’s where a decent chunk of the punters are, help them out! I’d also like to see a little more metadata about the escorts, such as the types of erotic services they’re willing to offer, incall/outcall provision and that type of thing.

A final word on SimpleEscorts

Okay friends – Mr. Porn Geek is done here and to be honest with you, I’m pretty happy with the overall experience that this place has to offer. Sure, there are a few things that could be done better, but when push comes to shove, I think they’ve done a stellar job with their project and look forward to seeing how it progresses over the coming months and years. Suffice to say that if you’re in any of the countries Simple Escorts covers, I’d suggest heading on over and looking at the ads they’ve got available.
Thanks for reading – may your next escort experience be the best one yet!

Review Pros
  • Lots of countries
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Good image galleries
Review Cons
  • No NA coverage
  • Limited metadata