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Mr. Porn Geek visits List Crawler

I was told by a very close friend that it would be a great idea for me to add List Crawler to my review platform. I was a little skeptical at first, but this guy told me it was a good place to go that he’d personally used, so I figured it was at least worth checking out before making up my mind on whether or not to include it. All the information I received was that the platform focused on escorting and with that information, I decided to jump straight into a full, feature-length review without thinking twice. Now then; let’s check this place out and see if Mr. Porn Geek wants to give it his seal of approval!

First hands-on experience with List Crawler

So after typing in into my browser, I’m automatically navigated through to the London-focused section of the website. You may notice that the URL changes at this point and becomes something quite strange indeed. I mean, from the capital of England it’s shown to me as – that’s more of a mouthful than what I gave your mother last night! Interestingly enough I’m also asked to confirm that I’m over the age of 21, even though the United Kingdom uses a near-universal Internet porn access requirement of 18. Anyway, after making sure this place knew I was an adult, I found myself presented with a layout that I’d describe as being a little, well, dated? I find that a lot of these places that have been around for multiple years don’t exactly like updating their designs and that certainly appears to be the cases here on List Crawler.

Nonetheless, I was glad to see that a decent chunk of the content area was devoted to showing me escorts in my neck of the woods, although no new profiles have been added here since June 2018 – the horror. Since escorts can often only work for up to a year at a time, I’d have little doubt that many of the profiles listed are associated with ladies who are no longer working in the industry. That seems to be a bit of a big problem, but my buddy is based in the United States, so maybe this website is a lot more popular over there.

Exploring cities available at List Crawler

One great feature this site has is the ability to look at different cities, so I went ahead and did my standard test: a look at escorts in Las Vegas. Mr. Porn Geek was pleased as punch to see that List Crawler had not only had submissions for escorts from sin city in the last 24 hours, but that there were hundreds of them! That’s right: dozens of Las Vegas escorts had classified ads here and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good sign for our friends across the pond who want to get down and dirty with a professional. Still – I have to be professional here, so let’s take a look at some profiles and see whether or not they’re any good. Expectations are high for Las Vegas: you’ve got to be pretty damn good to make it in that city, so I’m keen as a bean to check out what girls are working it over there.

The Las Vegas List Crawler hustle

First up, I felt like picking out a profile that felt real amateur and real – the type of girl that’s doing this thing on the side and maybe has a little history of work in the stripper business. It didn’t take long for my eyes to cross over this Nubian goddess: self-described as ‘fun size’ and just 23 years of age! I love myself a good sexy black chick and especially so when they’re petite – just makes it easier to pick them up and have your way with them. Anyway, she just lists her number and a few pictures but sadly, no rates! This might just be an expert sales method to get a first contact but I doubt it. Always remember to tell us how much you’re asking for, ladies: it’ll increase the odds of you getting some attention.

I actually found another hot listing from a Latina who stands at 5″ 2′ and weighs 135: she’s looking for 420 friendly clients and states that she loves giving blowjobs and being dominated. That to me is a pretty fantastic combination of all factors, so yeah – if you’re gambling over in Vegas and need yourself a little toy to play with, hit this beauty up. Find yourself more interested in the type of Instagram slut who always posts hot selfies of her ass in thongs? Madison here – with her great body – is going to be the treat for you if so. Guaranteed she’s got at least 10k followers with a figure like that.

Other cities at List Crawler

I did a little research and honestly, I’d probably say that this website is best used by people who are in North America. While other cities around the world do technically have profiles, very few have enough listings to be considered worthy of your attention. Note I’m talking about North America here, which isn’t just the United States! Plenty of hot escorts were also listed in places such as Quebec and Montreal. Oh and take my advice – if you’re looking to travel for some escorting fun, be sure to enjoy adult classifieds from places like Miami and San Francisco.

Final List Crawler thoughts

There are a few extra features at List Crawler that I didn’t get to talk about, but I think the basics have been covered and you’re going to have a great time here if you’re in NA and want to enjoy some X-rated fun with a lady of the night. The design is a bit dated but to be honest with you, it serves its purpose of being a great place to find escorts who might be a little more on the amateur side. Free to use and almost no advertising – I don’t think you can say fairer than that, so head on over to your local List Crawler and get calling these girls!

Review Pros
  • Daily classifieds
  • Free to use
  • Mobile optimized
Review Cons
  • NA only
  • Few elite providers