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USA Sex Guide – Mr. Porn Geek reviews

Mr. Porn Geek sometimes gets quite confused by various things, but nothing makes him scratch his head quite like websites which are hosted on TLDs that are not suited to the purpose of the platform. I’m telling you this not because I like I randomly give people information on what takes my brain muscle out for a jog, but because the site I’m reviewing today really does make me scratch my head. See, it goes by the name of USA Sex Guide, but the URL is – why on Earth did they go for a Netherlands-based TLD?! These questions – as well as many others – are hopefully able to be answered by me as I venture forth into USASexGuide for a complete professional review. Interested in learning the ins and outs of this place? Say no more, fam – read below for my full USA Sex Guide review!

My initial USA Sex Guide experience

So after USASexGuide confirmed that I am indeed an adult, I was taken through to a page that looks like it was designed around 10 years ago. That’s not a bad thing because honestly, the structure is pretty good, but I’d be lying if I said that USASexGuide felt like a modern destination with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a website designed in the last few months. The bulk of the content here at USA Sex Guide comes via the forums: there are lots of places to check out, so I think that’s probably where I’m going to kick off this review. Strap yourself in because boy – do I have a lot to tell you about USASG!

Hunting across the USASexGuide forums

Clicking on this link will take you through to the main meta page of the USASexGuide forums and all of the various areas that you’ve got to check out. All states have their own section on USASexGuide where people can go to share relevant information and on top of that, there are specific sub-sections for reviews of a few cities that are localized just to Craigslist content – this might be slightly outdated these days, but it’s still there if you’re interested in taking a look. I do want to stress that there is no registration process here and you can learn about some killer fetish clubs in an instant – what’s not to enjoy about this type of opportunity?

To better explain this, let me link to a few destinations. First up – one of my favorite tests – a look at Las Vegas via the Nevada forum, where a total of around 50,000 posts have been made. Posts here on USASexGuide are often broken down into a variety of sub report areas, such as strip clubs, massage parlors, streetwalkers and more. One big thing I noticed from the get go is that photographs are quite prevalent: guys can’t get enough of sharing XXX snaps from their latest erotic adventures. People can also make their own posts on the site where they ask people about good hotels and warn one another about scam artists in the area. Quite a good impression thus far – plenty of sex workers and legal brothel destinations will surely love what’s on the table here. With over a million members, a good service provider review can hardly be a bad thing.

Forums for Escort services

Elsewhere on the USASexGuide forums, there are lots of special interest areas that you might want to visit if you’re into talking shop. Examples include the Viagra forum where people cover things like their experiences with Cialis and even what supplements to take for a bigger load (my personal recommendation: zinc!). You’ve also got areas to discuss things such as the prices of services, advice on anal sex and dealing with sex addiction. The last one’s interesting and I’m surprised they have an area for it – especially on a site like this! It’s only a small part of the site, though: I guess not too many guys see their desire to fuck all the time as being a bad thing.

New posts at USASexGuide are made on the forums multiple times per hour, with around 50 new comments or posts in the last hour alone. The main draw is naturally the reviews on USASexGuide though – guys talk about their experiences at specific destinations and you’re encouraged to share your own experiences. I actually love the average sex service reviewer: they’re always straight to the point and willing to give you the details that everyone’s after. It’s quite the community here on USASexGuide and people love leaving their two cents, it really makes for quite good reading.

What else does USA Sex Guide offer?

So alongside the reviews and reports, I do want to mention just a few pages that I think you’ll be smart for heading on over to. First up, I’m going to point you at the rules for the sex game page – this is just a legendary share. Picking up ladies on the street can be a dangerous game, but thanks to the team at USA Sex Guide, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you’re not going to get in trouble. Follow those rules, since the advice is coming from a community that knows its shit when it comes to this type of thing! I do love great advice when it’s coming from experts on the matter. Can’t really ask for anything more than that, can you?

USASexGuide is NOT a dating site

If you’re new to the sexual service industry and its discussion, it might be an idea to refer to this list of forum abbreviations that they’ve got. Not sure what ATM, DFK, CIM or SW mean in the context of working girls? Good thing this guide is here to help you, then! USASexGuide has an insane list of phrases and concepts you might come across, so be sure to reference that if you ever get stuck and don’t quite understand what someone’s talking about in a review. Quite a few references to sex toys and equipment too: perfect if you plan to visit any of the fetish clubs mentioned.

USASexGuide seems to be a pretty mature and developed spot to discuss sex services and find a level of adult entertainment that’s far above what the competition has to offer. You know the deal with sex tourism analysis and information, right? There’s plenty here for sex tourists and those who are interested in going overseas for some sex entertainment. Asia is a common destination and it’s for good measure: who doesn’t want to engage in a little sex tourism when you’ve got a petite Pinay that’s willing to give you access to her body for a rock bottom price? With free membership on USASexGuide, you’re going to learn a lot from other sex tourists!

There are also escort reports at USASexGuide, which I think is a perfect way for you to learn a lot about the girls that you might want to fuck. From the finest transsexual pegging experiences through to lesbian escort information: USASexGuide is here to hook you up with advice from other members that know the ins and outs of using these types of services. Members online here seem to really love giving you their escort reports and telling you what the deal is. Escort girls might not like it much, but if you offer a good service, you’ve got nothing to fear, right? That’s how Mr. Porn Geek sees it anyway!

Free escort classified access via USASexGuide

I think it’s wise for me to mention that you can also utilize USASexGuide if you’re not a punter – that’s right, girls are able to join here if they want to actually advertise their services. I guess I can actually go one further than that and say that anyone who wants to offer erotic companionship can utilize the sex services listings here. Remember: USASexGuide is not a dating site, so only come here if you’re genuinely keen on escort services and adult entertainment where cash does the talking. You won’t be sliding into any private messages any time soon to try and convince a paid escort to fuck you for free. This is a pretty common thing to see on escort forum destinations and believe me – active members get sick of it.

Don’t be a cheap ass and realize that if you want to be one of the popular active members here, you’ll be doing some paid escort activities. There’s nothing wrong with sexual services – just make sure that you’ve got the cash and you’ll be just fine! Don’t have the money? Not an issue: check out a dating platform instead. Trust me though, you’re going to spend dozens of hours on a dating platform before you get down and dirty with anyone. Any forum user at USASexGuide will tell you that for free!

Final thoughts on USA Sex Guide

USASexGuide is somewhat unique in that it has such a large amount of genuine reviews from guys that are all too keen to share their experience and assist other punters with their hunt for the good stuff. I like the vibe and while the design is a little dated, I think it serves its purposes quite well. Not everyone who’s looking for good street walking action or escort entertainment is able to work a modern Web 2.0 design, so keeping it simple and organic actually makes quite a bit of sense. Overall, USASexGuide exceeded my expectations and if you’re in the United States and want to know where to go in your city for a good massage parlor rub, blowjob or fuck, these guys are going to be more than happy to assist. A great site for a great cause – visit today!

Oh and please remember: USASexGuide is not a dating website. Sites like USASexGuide are here for you to pay cash for sexual encounters – no one gets absolutely free fun from this hub!

Review Pros
  • Active community
  • Easy to navigate
  • Free escort reviews
Review Cons
  • Dated design
  • Some adverts