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The Hottest Escorts in Australia and the World

When you first arrive at the site you see all of the large menu on the top with many cities and other choices. We’ll get back to those. This is a site to people to hire top quality escorts in the country of Australia. Some of them also travel. As you look at the site there are some rotating photos and just under that a list of city abbreviations that you can click on then, under that we have large very good quality thumbnails of the girls. Some have the eyes or faces blurred out, while others do not. As you scroll down to check out the first page which has 100 thumbnails of hot girls you will see that this is a really top notch and very well designed website.

The Menu at ScarletBlue

At the top of the website on the far left is a little thing called Discreet Mode, say you are on a bus or train with people around but you want to arrange an escort. You can click this and it turns off all of the images from the website making it all just text. Really nice feature to have if you need to be discreet. Across the top of the site are quick links to International then all of the major cities in Australia. Below that is a dropdown button that says Locations. When you click that it loads a page with 15 countries and if you hover over one of those it presents you with the cities inside each country in which the girls are available. Next on the menu you can just click Escorts where it load up 100 girls on the first page of the website.

Then we have BDSM, that link takes us to escorts that specialise in that area. The next one is quite extensive. It is Categories. When you go there it loads up a very nicely organised long page. at the top it says Refine by location, Select Category, Female. These all all drop downs. The latter giving you the choice of Female, Male and Trans. Below those are boxes, the first says Browse by Popular Category and it shows things such as Blonde Escorts, Slim Escorts, MILF Escorts, you get the idea. 30 popular categories to choose from. Then we have another box that has Browse by Popular Services with 13 areas of service. Things like Lactating Escorts, Anal Escorts, Overnight Escorts etc. There there is a box to browse by ethnicity, another by sexuality and another by location.

Looking deeper into ScarletBlue

Looking back at the menu the next item is Advertise. This is for escorts to advertise their services on this website. Obviously how the site makes its money. Then the next item on the menu is Client Membership. If you want to use the site a lot and want extra benefits they have something called the Blue Room. You can sign up and join for free to get a bunch of extra benefits for those that are free members. Some of the benefits are saving your favorite escorts with a max of 20, you can read and write testimonials about he escorts, advanced search, escort special offers, saved searches, girls that are new to the site, search touring escorts and more. You can become a Premium Member or VIP as they call it for a $50 one time lifetime fee. A very good deal indeed. With this you get extra added benefits such as verify my telephone number so that escorts feel more secure. Unlimited favorite escorts, unlimited saved searches and lots more.

The Best Things about ScarletBlue

Next on the menu is Search. It brings up a box with Basic Search, Advanced Search, BDSM/Fetish, Availability, Price, Touring and a box below that to do a location search of a specific city. So taking a look at one of the escort pages, I chose Miss Elise Parker. There is a profile of her with these items: Location, age, phone number, height, dress size, hair color, eye color, place of service (in call or outcall), body type, email and there is a box that says Photos Verified. If any of you have used an escort service and got a different girl than you asked for you know how important this is! Blow that are a bunch of photos and a section called About Me where she talks about herself and her services.

Below that is Rates and it actually shows what the rates are exactly per hour. She does not list her services, I looked at other girls and some list them on the site. Then is her schedule of availability. The best part of the site for me is this next part, Testimonials. These are written by actual members of the site that had a date with her. They go into great detail saying how much she loved sex, how she greeted them with a BBBJ which is bare back blowjob, etc. For sure that is the best part of this site because it lets you know just how slutty each girl can be.

Things I did not like of ScarletBlue

This is one of those websites that just does not have a whole lot of negatives. It’s different that a site where you are browsing for porn videos or photos but on a site like this you can actually hire a real woman to meet and have sex with so as far as the information presented, nothing is negative but for maybe the fact that you must pay to be a lifetime member. But it is very affordable if you were to use the site a lot.

The Bottom Line about ScarletBlue

When you scroll way to the bottom of the site you will see a bunch more links to other info that is important to know. When some of the guys give testimonials and some of the escorts describe what they do, they usually use abbreviations or lingo that is used in the escort industry. So if you are new to it be sure to check it out because if you want a BBBJ and the girl tells you to put a condom on your dick you want a girl that does bare back blow jobs.

Final Ramblings about ScarletBlue

If you have the cash to hire one of these escorts and yes many of them command very high prices such as $700 per hour then this is the type of site for you. I would think that a lot of business men in the areas that these girls cover use this site a lot and are quite pleased with the results judging by the testimonials that I have read. So if you are one of those guys in the market for some out of home action by all means get your ass over the

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  • Great Testimonials
  • User Friendly Design

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  • None to speak of