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The detailed review of Adult Look:

I recently had a sit-down chat with one of my friends from the adult industry and he told me about a place called Adult Look. According to him, this was his go-to spot online for getting his hands on quality talent in his local region when he was looking for some erotic fun. I’d never heard of it, but I did promise I’d have a poke around to see just how good this place was for people who enjoy top-tier escort action. Mr. Porn Geek is about to give the complete professional review treatment to Adult Look: continue reading to learn everything about this haven for escort reviews and companionship listings!

From the homepage onward

After accepting the terms and conditions for the site, you’ll be asked to enter in a location. Since I’m currently in London, I felt that was the best place to kick things off. There are allegedly 1902 female escorts online in my general region – that’s pretty damn numberific if you ask me (and yes, I did just invent that word). Now alongside Adult Look’s listings for female escorts, girls can also sign up to provide things like body rubs, massages, fetish services (dominatrices) and even transsexual escorts if that’s your cup of tea. I’d say an overwhelming amount of the trade done here is just standard female escorting though, so I think I’ll stick to that for the bulk of my review.
After clicking on the link to show me all of London’s escorts, I was presented with a nice interface that allowed me to further filter based on registered profile status and user reviews. I highly recommend you flick the little tick down box to see even more filtering options: I was actually blown away with just how much you can customize what’s displayed. For instance, if you’re on a tight budget you can check certain price ranges. There’s also the ability to look for various ages, ethnicities, builds and further options for VIP members, like being ‘weed friendly’ or accepting card payments. Adult Look also has feature choices, such as whether they’re spinners, offer BBBJ and French kissing. All in all, I’m liking what I see so far here on

The escort’s individual pages

I went ahead and selected a profile to check out – I usually wouldn’t link a girl directly here, but Jenna Bently is a big enough name that I don’t feel like I’m violating anyone’s privacy. This chick has appeared on the cover of Maxim and FHM, plus she was a PlayBoy Playmate back in 2018: suffice to say if you’re looking for a dream slice of female perfection, it doesn’t get much better than this. Anyhow, on each girl’s profile you will find their age, ethnicity, build, breast size, pussy ‘shaved’ status and a few other important details that will make your ability to choose which one to spend time with that much easier. Prices are listed and you can also see whether they offer incall or outcall services, plus a list of locations they’ve been to in the past. To top it all off, the girls have a bunch of pictures you can look at and a description written by them so they can tell you a little about who they are and what type of experience you can expect to have with them. Quite fleshed out and really useful if you ask me: I’m starting to understand why my friend loves Adult Look so much.

Other things about

Some of the features that make this site so great are somewhat gated behind a signup procedure. Thankfully, all that’s required is for you to list a username, email address and password: no other requirements are bestowed upon you. It’s quite interesting when looking at the signup page too: there are 275,000 members here as of Feb 2019 and more than 15,000 reviews. Not only that, but 37,000 escorts have signed up for verified listings: it’s not the biggest companionship network out there, but it’s hardly small either. This is a very small side note, but it’s also really damn good that Adult Look uses an SSL/TLS certificate: I can’t bring myself to promote sites that don’t do this when handling sensitive information like passwords.

Membership also allows you to filter out certain escorts and save profiles as your favorites – this is all stored on the server too, so you can log in from any device you want and all of that data will be saved for you. I do like the fact that is a global website too – there were 1,350 escorts on the Las Vegas page, 200 in Sydney and 1500 who offer services in Toronto. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Adult Look will have some delicious delights for you to chow down on. I’m actually surprised at the numbers too: it’s not like just a dozen or so chicks across the major capital cities: even Nice in France had 250 or so babes. Hell, they even had 3 transsexual escorts for those who like shemales.

In terms of the community, alongside all of the reviews (and the ability to leave reviews yourself), AdultLook has a forum that is somewhat active and populated with guys who discuss literally anything and everything. It’s also possible to translate the website into a bunch of different languages, including French, Italian, German, Chinese and Spanish to name but a few. I like sites that are decently fleshed out and that’s a good way to describe it’s obvious they’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting this place just right. By no means has this just popped up in the last few months with minimal features and no way to use the site in any useful fashion – I appreciate the dedication to building something great that Adult Look clearly has done.

Balancing it with some criticism

You probably know that I’m not just someone who praises a website without being critical too, so let me go over a few of the things that I didn’t quite like about my time here on Adult Look. Firstly, the website uses adverts for online chat platforms and dating sites by the looks of things: I’d love for those to go away. I run adverts here on Mr. Porn Geek so obviously I’m not opposed to the idea of promoting things, but they’re probably making cash from premium escort listings, so I’m not convinced these are required to cover the costs of operating the server.

Elsewhere on the site, some design choices are questionable – certain features don’t look exactly clean, but function just fine. One example is the dropdown menu for filtering: this totally gets the task required done, but it doesn’t feel all that neat. I do think that on the whole the layout is all good though, so don’t go thinking that is rough in the accessibility department. If anything, these criticisms just go to show that I don’t have much on the negative side of things to talk about here.

Conclusion on Adult Look

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything I need to on Adult Look. This place actually surprised me: I get recommendations all the time from friends and they’re never quite up to my expectations, but delivered and then some. With so many available companions and great filtering, you can’t really go wrong with using this as a resource. Creating an account is free and you can even get VIP rewards for leaving reviews – I’m sure plenty of you guys who use escorts on a regular basis will love that little bonus! So what are you waiting for buddy? Pay a visit to Adult Look now and get all of that sweet escort review goodness.

Review Pros
  • Lots of escorts
  • Great filtering options
  • Worldwide coverage
Review Cons
  • Some design issues
  • A few adverts