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MrPornGeek checks out SexeModel

SexeModel is an escort service that has sexy ladies ready to give you a proper seeing to, I mean massage, all over France. SexeModel has escorts in Paris, in Bordeaux, in Cannes, fucking everywhere! If you’re going on a naughty trip to France and want an escort, SexeModel is the place to go for it! SexeModel has an impressive amount of escort all over the country. In Paris alone, there are 2174 escorts! The number of escorts drops dramatically in smaller towns, but they’re still plenty of sexy ladies everywhere to tickle your pickle!

So, SexeModel certainly has the escorts to make it a good escort site, but does it have everything else it needs to be a good escort site? Well, before you book your flight to France, let’s delve deep into the ass of this review and see what comes out, shall we?

The design of SexeModel

The design of SexeModel isn’t great, which is a real shame. The star of the show on any escort site will always be the girls, of course, but the site must look professional too. If an escort site doesn’t look professional, it can cost the site business! When someone visits an escort site, the first thing they see is the design, if the design of the site is shit, they leave. I don’t think that the design of SexeModel is making every person leave, but I am sure that a lot of people have left this escort site without an escort because of the design.

It is just a very basic design for an escort company to have. If I were reviewing a porn site with this design, as long as the porn was good, I wouldn’t be worried about the design. This escort site does feel pretty good to use and is responsive, but the colour scheme and the girl’s profiles just aren’t up to par with other sites.

This escort site opens up with all of the locations where they have escorts, and there are shit loads of them. While this is great for the people visiting these French towns, it really makes the website look messy. There’s just too much on the screen for this escort site to look polished. A messy website will never draw in paying customers.

The girls on SexeModel

Well, the girls on SexeModel are perhaps its saving grace! Currently, there are 1100 girls online on this escort site waiting to give me a good seeing to. That is a lot of ladies, and if my cock didn’t look like a peanut, I may be tempted by them. This escort site also has some male escorts and transgender escorts too. This is nice to see, many sites only deal with one gender of escort, but SexeModel has it all.

Of course, most of the escorts on SexeModel are based in France. In fact, most escorts on this site are based in Paris, but there are also escorts in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and Andorra too. There’s only 5 escorts on this site in Belgium, but at least there are some.

Most of the ladies featured on this escort site are sexy as hell. Most of them look like they could be Instagram models that love to fuck, honestly lads, if you’re ever in France and need to fuck a sexy girl, get on this site and fuck away! You’ll need some Euros in your lap cos these ladies aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny! Well, most of them are! Like with all escort sites, there are some fuck uglies too, but these are easily bypassed. It appears that SexeModel also verifies the photos of the girls too, so what you see is what you fuck!

Additional features for SexeModel to consider

SexeModel must improve the design of this website, if they don’t the escorts on the site will suffer. Just a few simple design changes are all this site needs. Firstly, take the locations off of the home page. These aren’t needed as they distract from the girls and everyone will search for the city they are in any way. Keep the site simple and stunning. All we want is girls, shows us girls on a professional and clean background and we will thank you for it. That’s all other escort sites do and they work brilliantly. It isn’t difficult to make an escort site look very professional, just a few colour and design changes and you’ll get there. But it is really easy to fuck one up, and you managed to do that!

If you improve the design of SexeModel, this will attract more sexy girls to your escort site and more people willing to spend money. So, it is in your interest SexeModel to improve your site. We will leave this is your sexy little hands.

The Geeks final thoughts on SexeModel

The girls on SexeModel are simply fucking sexy as hell. Honestly, most of the escorts on this site could be models. Of course, they have a steep price, but these girls are worth it. European girls fuck hard and we all know that, so one of these stunning girls will give you a wild night and look great on your arm if you give a shit about having them out in public with you at all.

The only thing that lets SexeModel down is the design of the site. They have the escorts, they just don’t have the site to back them up. The site is just a letdown and because it doesn’t look professional, it is really difficult to trust it. Sorry, but if an escort site doesn’t look professional, I can’t trust it. Honestly, if you got your act together, SexeModel, you could make a mint off of the sexy girls on your site. They are begging you for work and we are begging you to make a more professional site, do it and watch the cash roll in!

Review Pros
  • Escorts across France
  • Videos of escorts
  • Sexy girls
Review Cons
  • Design needs work