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Mr. Porn Geek’s review of Escort News

From time to time, people get sick and tired professional porn – they just want to go ahead and get their hands on real damn women with great bodies. That’s when a place like Escort News comes in handy! While the name here would make you think that the website is about the latest goings on when it comes to companionship services, the reality couldn’t be further from it. For all intents and purposes, it’s wise to think of as a place where you can go to find girls that are looking for some XXX fun with strangers – there’s basically no current events covered here at all! Anyway, instead of speaking vaguely: how about I venture into the heart of Escort News to let you know what’s going on here? Sounds good to me!

The homepage of Escort News

So to kick things off, you’ll find that the homepage is heavily devoted to showing you available VIP escorts from all around the European region. Okay – I’ll probably just quickly note here that Escort News is based entirely in Europe and while there are a few hundred escorts located in other countries, the major focus here is on continental countries where the girls are hot and looking to trade their bodies for Euros! The ‘VIP’ attached to most of the girls’ profiles here means that they’ve paid for priority listing and have been verified by the platform itself as being legitimate – these are the cream of the crop if you will: no need to worry about getting scammed here, because those girls are pretty much guaranteed to be heavenly.

Now alongside the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see what I’d consider to be the most important section of the website. This is where the countries are listed for escort adverts in Europe, so if you’re tied down to one location, use this as your go-to feature. To give you an udea of how active the platform is, there are currently 200 escorts in Belgium, 400 in Germany, 800 in Italy and 1,500 from the United Kingdom. Do note that being listed on Escort News is a lot harder than many other places – they only really work with the hottest babes around and have quite a complicated system in place to weed out the spammers and the scammers. You won’t need to rifle through profiles doubting the existence of the women featured – I’d wager that 99% of the ladies on are the real deal.

Other areas of the Escort News website

Along the top of the website, you’ve got a constant header banner that gives you some great areas to explore on the platform. For instance, if you want to see the newest ladies to be verified, head on over to the ‘new arrivals’ page – this is where the latest ladies are going to be displayed. You can also hit the travel girls link if you’re looking for someone who can venture all over the world in order to spend time with you. These women are often a cut above the rest and offer an all-inclusive girlfriend experience. I don’t know how many escort addicts are able to take a week off work to go travelling around Europe with some skinny blonde native, but I sure as hell wished I was single some time so I could live that lifestyle!

The advertising portal isn’t just limited to females either: you can use this site to find escorts who’re transsexual too. I was actually surprised to see quite a few hundred shemales here – I didn’t actually clock any that were female to male, although there may be one or two lurking on the platform. Escort News also has a male escort page if you’re someone that prefers dudes. Note that a lot of these guys are willing to spend time with both men and women, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a gay bro wanting some cock in your ass or a lady who wants to explore the full delights of European masculinity – has you covered on both fronts.

The profiles at Escort News

Profiles are important for making sure that you’re hooking up with the right people and on the whole, I’d say the setup here at Escort News is pretty damn cool. Right at the top of the profiles you’ve got general statistics about the person in question, such as their ethnicity, age, height, weight and so on – they even list languages spoken and proficiency with them so you’ll know from the get go just how hard communication is going to be. Below that, Escort News offers a ‘city tours’ feature where girls can list where they’re going to be for set periods of time: perfect for the ladies that are going all around Europe to serve the hungry local men. The profiles also have an ‘about me’ section which the girls can use to include their rates and mention a few other personal things. You’ll also find tags – these are utilized so you can know what types of services each babe is willing to engage in. Golden showers, handjobs, erotic massages, French kissing and so on: check here to ensure that the escort of your dreams is actually down to do whatever it is that you desire.

Escort News: some final thoughts

I’ve probably gone over enough here on this particular platform – I really quite enjoy just how damn impressive the website is and the average quality of the companions offered. As far as European escort platforms go, this is probably one of the greatest I’ve seen in recent months. Highly recommended that you check it out sooner rather than later – you’ve got some killer babes on offer and since it covers the entire European region, no matter where you are, you’re sorted! Okay gang: that’s just about me done here, so feel free to head on over to Escort News right now and get yourself that high quality fuck you’ve always wanted from a dreamy European stunner.

Review Pros
  • Lots of girls
  • All cities covered
  • Verified profiles
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Europe only