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One thing you can always count on in life is that guys will always seek out sexual pleasure no matter what they have to do in order to get it. Today, Mr. Porn Geek is going to be putting on his escort glasses so he can review a website devoted entirely to finding the hottest local broads who’re willing to trade pussy for pay. It goes by the name of Escort Fish and I’m excited to take a look around to see whether or not I can give this place a good-faith recommendation for all of my readers. If you’re keen to learn more, continue reading down below – I think you’re going to like what I found.

The landing page at Escort Fish

When you visit for the first time, you’ll see a long list of cities in various states of the US and then further down, a similar collection of places to click on from Canada. Escort Fish is entirely devoted to North America, so if you happen to be in Europe or Asia, this isn’t going to be the escort hub for you (too bad, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles). So yeah – the decision you have to make here is to decide where you want to look for escorts, which in most cases is going to be your local city. As is customary for Mr. Porn Geek, I’ll be kicking off my research by looking at Las Vegas – I’ve always considered it a great place to find escorts, so let’s see what sin city has in store for us.

The Las Vegas Escorts on Escort Fish

When you click in the Las Vegas escorts link, you’ll see a list of the most recent submissions added to the website. Turns out that multiple new posts are made here every single hour, so when it comes to quantity you’re never going to be disappointed. There are 40 escorts per archive page here and for Las Vegas alone there are 6,000+ archive posts – that’s a hell of a lot of women! Some of the girls post dozens of times though, so I don’t think you’ve got 240,000+ escorts to pick from in Vegas: that’s probably a few too many. Anyhow, I clicked on a few of the profiles and was happy with what I saw.

Each profile contains the escort’s images, their contact number, a few personal details (age, hair color, etc.) and a little description where they give you some teasers about who they are and what they offer. You can also click on the ‘latest photos’ link on the sidebar to see images from other posts associated with the same phone number: it’s a great way to make sure that you’re not messing with a catfish who shares pictures which are too good to be true. Overall, I think that the profiles here are pretty damn good – not too in-depth that you’re going to get women who don’t submit, but not easy enough that spammers won’t be dealt with. Escort Fish manages to give punters the best of both worlds, so props to them for that.

Other cities on offer at Escort Fish

So alongside having plenty of Las Vegas escorts that you can be entertained by, they’ve also got you covered even if you live in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas or New York. Hell, three cities in Alaska even have classifieds for local escorts who know what’s what when it comes to keeping men happy in the cold! Like I said earlier, you’ve also got some coverage on Escort Fish if you’re in Canada, so our friends from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta all have a place to go if their local, Canadian-focused websites aren’t giving them the quality of escorts that they so desire. My only complaint is the fact that those of us living in Europe won’t be able to get a slice of the pie, but since flying over to the US is so cheap anyway, I don’t think that’s much of an issue!

Some of the issues with Escort Fish

I like to balance out reviews every so often with some complaints about the service at hand, so let’s kick off by mentioning that Escort Fish has no specific categorization for specialized or niche services. For instance, an area on the site for erotic massages would be great, as would a listing service for parlors and other adult-related venues, such as sex shops and BDSM clubs. I also think that some escorts want to be separated from the general collective – particularly those who are transsexual or provide fetish-focused services. It seems reasonable that at least a little box could be ticked to focus exclusively on individuals who fit those metrics. Maybe Mr. Porn Geek is being a bit too much of a critic here: I’m just trying to make sure that everyone gets what they want!

Also, I did notice one profile that wasn’t legitimate, since it was using pictures from a girl who I know isn’t an escort (she’s an Internet model and all of the pictures are from her Twitter feed). The site doesn’t actually have a ‘report listing’ button, but you can manually submit a removal if you’re the original owner of the images. It’s pretty hard to filter these fake profiles out though, so I won’t complain too much.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts on Escort Fish

That just about does it from my end of things: I think it’s safe to say that because Escort Fish is 100% free and covers 99% of North America, if you’re an American or someone who drinks maple syrup and you’d like to find an escort, this is a good option for you to consider. The design is neat and tidy, it has minimal advertisements and most of the listings are genuine escorts who’re looking to entertain. Thanks for reading – now go ahead and find your next bang thanks to!

Review Pros

  • Free to use
  • Lots of escorts
  • Covers hundreds of cities

Review Cons

  • North America only
  • No advanced filters