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Hello friends – Mr. Porn Geek here. Today, I’m going to be writing up a review for you on One Back Page. You’ve probably heard of Back Page before and know that when it comes to escorts, few places did it better. Sadly, Back Page was raided by the FBI last year and as such, is no longer available on the Internet. Thankfully, a spiritual successor is here and I’m going to be telling you all about. If you’re interested in finding hot escorts in your area, then let’s get down to business and see what One Back Page has to offer. I’m confident you’re going to love this hub as much as I do. Continue down below for the full Mr. Porn Geek review of One Back Page!

From the homepage onward at One Back Page

If you click this link and go through to the homepage of One Back Page, you’ll see that they’re a classified advert website that offers stuff for cars, apartments and so on – but everyone knows that you come here to find escorts and girls that want to bang. The ‘hottest listings’ are displayed in the middle of the page and it seems like no matter where you are in the US, some chicks are going to be there for you to have some fun with. On the right-hand side of the homepage, you’ll see a list of verified women so you know what you’re getting is the real deal. Additionally, there are a number of links in the header of the page to take you to various high importance destinations. So far, One Back Page is shaping up to be quite the hub of choice if you want to enjoy looking through lists of sexy escorts in the United States.

Looking at the ads on One Back Page

I decided to pick up a few adverts at random to see what the general quality of the classifieds were here at One Back Page. Alongside having a section on the ad for pictures (with most girls uploading multiple snaps of themselves), you can scroll down to see a description area where girls list their rules, rates, contact details and so on. I was pleased to see that some of the girls even list their Snapchat names, so if you want to watch what they get up to on a day to day basis, this is a nifty little feature. Scroll down and you’ll see a rating for the advertiser too, so if the girls are good you can tell because they’ll have pretty decent scores (and naturally, the opposite is also true). I’m a big fan in people being able to screen escorts in the same way they screen clients: One Back Page makes that very simple indeed!

The One Back Page area range

One issue that I think a lot of people can run into when it comes to finding escorting fun online is the fact that many sites only focus on a specific city or country. I’ll let you know now that One Back Page is focused on the United States and it doesn’t even have a small sub-section for the UK or Canada. If you’re visiting this page in particular, you better be doing so from the land of the free. That is, of course, unless you plan to travel to the US in order to have some escorting fun – which might be a pretty expensive trip, but totally worth it if the average quality of broads on is anything to go by.

The downsides of One Back Page

Because the adverts here don’t cost much to post, you’re not exactly getting the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end escorting. I did notice a few profiles of girls who looked a little less than perfect and likely had something going on downstairs that should prompt them to visit the clinic. Still, I’d say a good 80% of the profiles represent decent, high quality escorting entertainment brought to you by a diverse array of delicious divas. One Back Page certainly attracts something for all flavors – I saw Latina beauties, ebony goddesses, hot MILFs and barely legal teens: whatever it is that you’re looking for in the realm of pay-for-sex, these guys are likely to provide you with what it is that you seek.

I’d say the other downside is the fact that the site design isn’t exactly modern – there are lots of weird banners and strange color combinations that can be a little jarring to look at. It’s not the ugliest website on the Internet, but I wouldn’t mind a few changes to the general vibe of this place in order to get it in line with other great looking places I come across on a regular basis. Mr. Porn Geek is a critic when it comes to content as well as design folks – don’t be surprised if I criticize a place for not looking the part – even if it is the part!

One Back Page: my conclusion

I’ve said pretty much everything that needs to be said on this particular website, so I’ll leave it there and basically say this: One Back Page costs you absolutely nothing to visit and check out all of the listed babes, so it might just be an idea for you to head on over to determine yourself whether or not you like what’s on offer. I had a great time looking around all of the ads and seeing what tasty treats America has to offer – hell, I’m a little disappointed I’m not in the USA right now to bang some of these broads! All in all, a great alternative to the original back page that I suggest you look at. Thanks for reading my review and I hope this place helps you find the perfect escort for you.

Review Pros
  • Lots of escorts
  • Free to use
  • Picture section
Review Cons
  • Average design
  • USA only