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Escort Babylon: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

While adult entertainment is always fun and jerking yourself off can be one of the most liberating experiences around, there comes a time when getting the real thing is what every single man wants. That’s why places like Escort Babylon exist: they’re making it easier than ever for you to find the local companionship providers that’ll give you a great bang for your buck (pun intended). I’ve spent a while looking over this place and I think it’s great, but I want to give it the full Mr. Porn Geek review just to be sure. If you’re interested in learning more about Escort Babylon, continue down below and I’ll tell you everything you  need to know!

First impressions of Escort Babylon

One of the first things you’ll realize when visiting this website is that it’s one of the most initially minimalistic places on the planet. You’ve got very few options of what to do here and your hand is somewhat forced: go ahead and click ‘change city’ and enter the location you’re in (or location you’re planning to go on holiday to) to get the ball rolling. I suppose it’s worth mentioning this now: Escort Babylon currently operates in North America only (save for two German cities, which I don’t think many readers live in!), so Canadians and Yanks are the primary people targeted by this service. As I’m currently in London, I figured I’d do the standard Mr. Porn Geek thing: take a look at the escorts in Las Vegas. Everyone loves sin city, right? I sure as hell do, and I love seeing what escorts are available there for me to bang next time I go on a poker binge.

So once I clicked on the Las Vegas link, I was presented with a list of advertisements for girls in the area that were down to fuck in exchange for a little cash. There were around 6 added every single day, although from time to time you get a dozen or so entries every 24 hours (typically as the weekend rolls around). Note that you can also order escorts here based on popularity (I’m not sure how this is organized, but I’m guessing it’s not number of cocks serviced in the last week) and ‘current’, which refers to models who have reposted their advertisements and aren’t strictly ‘new’. When using this feature, it turns out that Escort Babylon had at least a few dozen new adverts in the Las Vegas area over the last 24 hours – I’m not sure why they’re structured things like this, but I guess that just how it be.

Looking at the talent on Escort Babylon

So naturally the next step was to go ahead and find a sexy, delicious babe who was willing to do some work in order to pay her rent. Trouble is that when I went ahead to actually look at what a girl was offering, I was prompted by Escort Babylon to sign up in order to read the reviews and profile of the escort in question. I figured this wouldn’t be too hard for me to do, but you have to leave a review for escorts before you can write one! I don’t think I want to fly all the way over to America, fuck a call girl and then come all the way back for a site check, so looking at the reviews is probably out of the question for me – bummer.

What Escort Babylon doesn’t do is make it easy for you to determine that you can read the profile of the escort without signing up at all: just hit the ‘old posts’ link in the header to see the ads in full. I don’t know why this website doesn’t immediately kick off with a look at the classifieds and then gets through to the review section: seems like a gimmick to get people to sign up. I can appreciate the hustle; I just wouldn’t be all that fond of it if I were an escort using this place to advertise my services. Alongside the adverts, you’ll find information on post times, contact numbers, pictures used and any comments people have left. I’m surprised just how thorough is here: they certainly know how to put together a fully-fledged platform for this type of thing.

Looking around other places at Escort Babylon

I went back to the homepage of this website and noticed they had a bunch of links on the right-hand side of the page. These help you find different types of escorts and I guess it was pretty cool, all things considered. One of the filtering options you’ve got is ‘All Asian’, also referred to as HK Bobo. It was great to see all of the sexy Japanese, Chinese and Korean girls on the platform that knew how to get the boys excited. Some posts were for erotic massages too, which I think are the best when it comes to Asian babes. Other collections you can look through at Escort Babylon include things like ‘MAX 80’ for guys who don’t want to spend much cash, Ay Papi for Latina lovers and even shemales for anyone who’s into the whole transsexual ass fucking thing. Hey man – whatever floats your boat, just make sure you have fun!

Final thoughts on Escort Babylon

I initially had a weird feel regarding Escort Babylon, but the longer I spent here, the better I felt. All of the features and tools are great – just the instant review thing is what threw me off about checking out the individual classified adverts. It’s a shame that Escort Babylon doesn’t operate in all parts of the world, but for our friends in the United States and Canada, this seems like a more than appropriate place to get your weekly fix of escort fun. Anyway folks: all that’s left to do now is recommend you pay a visit for Escort Babylon and be on my way! I’d like to thank you for reading and as always, make sure you drop back by my site whenever you need fresh information on the hottest places around for finding escorts.

Review Pros
  • Lots of escorts
  • Daily updates
  • Advanced filter tools
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  • Weird navigation
  • Reviews require account