Mercy Overwatch Porn Clips & Best Sex Videos – XXX Gaming

19 August 2022
Ever wanted to see Mercy get fucked hard? Well, I've got some XXX video renders that you might be interested in! I've never been a huge fan of Overwatch, but I am a big fan of parody content, and I've seen Mercy enough to know that you sweaty nerds probably jerk off thinking about her on a regular basis. So, instead of forcing you to use your imagination, I'm going to give you a genuine article. You're probably horny as fuck right now and just want me to get to the bit where I post XXX clips of Mercy getting fucked, right? Well, you're in luck: because I'm going to do exactly that. Right after I tell you all about Overwatch Parody! This platform has a huge number of games devoted to Overwatch including the notorious sex simulator game and yeah: they're all X-rated. The graphics are stellar and if you love interactive eroticism, it's going to be hard for you to beat what this place has t

London Escorts: Two Top Destinations To Find Them

16 August 2022
In London? Want to find escorts? Mr. Porn Geek can help. I think you all ought to know that Mr. Porn Geek is a bit of an expert when it comes to escorts these days, and having lived in London - and having known a lot of people who hire escorts - I'm in a unique position. It's always important for me to use my skills for good, and that's what I plan to do right now! See, there are so many hubs and spots out there for finding companions in the capital that it's hard to know where you ought to go. Have no fear: I've got two recommended destinations below that I think will give you exactly what you want. So, let's jump straight into the action and I'm going to tell you about these places in a little bit of detail. First up - Escort Rankings UK! Escort Rankings UK When landing here, you'll see that there are actually a whole bunch of cities that you can look through in the UK, including sp

League of Legends Porn: Best Hentai & XXX LoL Content

15 August 2022
If you want to find the hottest League of Legends porn, I've got you covered! I know that a bunch of you won't believe me, but back in the day - I used to be seriously good at League of Legends. I peaked at 200 LP Master EUW and even reached rank 50 on the Oceania server. Oh, and yeah - D2 while in Korea, which is probably the biggest thing I can ever brag about. Those guys do NOT mess around when it comes to League of Legends. Similar to how I don't mess around when it comes to porn, eh? So, let's get right on into it and talk a little about the best spots online if you're looking for League-related XXX fun. It's in no particular order, but it is all about what I think is hot, and not, when it comes to LoL porn.   League of Legends Parody I've already written a review on this project before: but I think it's probably worth mentioning in this article as the first consideration

Sexiest Music Videos Of All Time – My Favorites

11 August 2022
Some music videos verge on pure pornography, let's talk about the hottest ones to jerk off to! I know, I know, the world is full of porn - so why would I need to go watch a music video if I want to masturbate? It's a good question, but I think in some instances, less is more. Additionally, music can be incredibly sexy, and a lot of the time, the synergy of the sounds and the visuals are too much for folks to handle without jerking themselves silly. So, with that in mind, let's have a look at a few of the hottest music videos over the years so if you want to jerk off on YouTube, you can do exactly that. Oh, and if you want the hottest Hollywood XXX action, look at my top rated celebrity porn websites when you get the chance. Route 94 - My Love This is, by far, Mr. Porn Geek's favorite erotic music video. Sure, there are good alternatives out there, but everything about this is just H

WebMs & GIFs That Make You Want To Suck Cock

06 August 2022
Mr. Porn Geek is here to give you some XXX WebMs to get you in the mood for sucking some cock. I know what you're thinking, and I completely agree: why isn't it "WebMs that make you want to get your cock sucked"? Well, this concept comes from 4chan and threads in /gif/ that use this title. I've always thought that it came across as a little bit gay, but I guess that's just part of the charm of 4chan, right? You never know what you're getting from those crazy cats, although I will say this - I'm pretty confident that the WebMs you're going to see here will make you want to suck cock. Or get your cock sucked. Whatever, okay? Look: this is blowjob content that's going to get you rock solid no matter what side of the coin you're on. Now, instead of talking shit, let's get into the swing of things and see what Mr. Porn Geek has for you when it comes to dick sucking themed material! [embed

Ex Pornstar Julia Alexandratou Get Knocked Up – MILF Inbound!

02 August 2022
She was one of the hottest Greek adult performers back in the day - she's set to become a MILF. Although she hasn't performed for quite some time, I figured it was worth giving you folks a quick little update on Julia Alexandratou: she's officially knocked up and going to become a mom within the next 9 months! It's been a long time coming for this blonde Euro goddess - but honestly, can you blame the guy that nutted inside of her? If I was given half the chance to creampie this broad, I'd do it without thinking twice. The thing about her is that she knows exactly what she's doing in front of the lens and despite being around many moons ago: she's still pretty well-known to this day, particularly in the Greek porn community. We don't know who the daddy is, but that's besides the point: we do know that he loves creampies, and probably blew the best load he ever has deep inside that tig

Adelaide University Union Fail: YouX Porn Rebrand

29 July 2022
I love my city, but sometimes, there are some truly dumb people in it. I've lived in Kuala Lumpur, London and Adelaide and believe me, I love all of these places for different reasons. Right now, I'm in Adelaide, and when I found out that the University here is rebranding their union to YouX, I knew that it was going to be a good old hoot. Was it a stitch-up? Did they have an inside man suggesting ridiculous names just to troll? It seems legitimate - and they just didn't care. Now look, to be fair, YOUX.XXX isn't exactly the biggest porn tube out there, but it's certainly sizable and does get some traffic - and it's something that immediately comes up in Google if you literally type in 'YouX'. For me, it seems really simple: if you're going to rebrand something, and when you type it into Google, porn comes up, completely change your rebranding. I mean, you don't even need Google to k

Daddy Daughter Incest Scenes To Jerk Off To

25 July 2022
Mr. Porn Geek always loves a good taboo incest flick: how about we look at daddies and their daughters fucking? One thing you ought to know about me is that the more taboo something is, the better. That's why I want to talk to you about some good old fashioned family porn! Mr. Porn Geek has a bunch of recommendations when it comes to great incest porn sites, and I think it makes sense to go pick out my favorite releases this year that are themed entirely around daughters and their dads getting it on. I know, I know - fucking between siblings is typically more in demand, but I'm all about this particular niche lately. Little secret about me: nothing gets me harder than a girl calling me daddy. It's kinky and yeah, it makes me shoot ROPES. Now then, to the incest! Dad Crush - Jamie Jett This scene was released a while ago, but let me tell you - it's hot as fuck. The thing to realize a

5 Best Porn Studios & Top Adult Websites For 2022

21 July 2022
Wanna know what modern porn sites are actually doing the lord's work? Good news: I can help you! We all know that Mr. Porn Geek doesn't mess around when it comes to classic porn websites, and I'm here today to let you know what the best hubs are online if you're looking to jerk it to standard vanilla action. I've been in this business for a long time, and believe me - I know what's what when it comes to premium quality XXX fun. Places come and go, but the demand for hardcore action will always be there. So, let's take a look and see what my favorite picks for megasites in 2022 actually are. These are my premium studio picks if you're looking to pay a small fee for access to a huge quantity of world-class adult content. Read below to learn all about the porn websites and adult content producers out there! Team Skeet Kicking things off here, I'm going to tell you all about Team Skeet.

Ukraine vs Russia Porn: Best Pornstars War & Comparison!

17 July 2022
Mr. Porn Geek isn't a fan of war, but what I am a fan of is when we can have a competition between pornstars! Let's take a little look at the best babes from Russia and Ukraine: who fucks better? It's a good question that I cannot wait to answer! These countries aren't exactly known for producing world-class cock pleasuring talent, but they have some beautiful women that I'm sure we can all agree should be appreciated - and sexually pleasured - whenever possible. Regardless of which side you're on, it's fine to appreciate these broads and their contribution to the world of adult entertainment. Now then: let's look at a few of my favorite pornstars from both of these countries. Sybil - Ukraine Kicking off the list here, we have what I think is probably the most popular pornstar from either region in terms of videos created and total views across all platforms. Her name is Sybil and sh