Dani Diaz: The New Puerto Rico Pornstar Who Does Anal


I’ve been on a rampage lately with fresh girls: Dani Diaz is one of them!

Finding girls who are new to the industry isn’t exactly difficult, but finding ones that are worth writing about? Yeah, that’s a bit of a challenge. Today, Mr. Porn Geek decided that he’d go ahead and talk to you all about Dani Diaz. When I say that this girl is new – I really do mean it. Her Twitter account is currently sitting at just 92 followers, but I’m confident that this brace-faced cutie who takes it up the butt is going to become quite the star in the near future. She started posting just two days ago, and hot damn – is she one incredible goddess to look at. I mean, just take a look at these selfies and tell me that she’s not as cute as a button.

From what I can piece together, the very first scene she did in the industry was with Backroom Casting Couch – they’re always good when it comes to picking up newbies and showing them a good time. The scene is just shy of 50 minutes in length and she takes it up the butt – as well as enjoying a hot facial over her braces once the banging has finished. I ended up watching a good chunk of this broad in action and yeah – I just know that after a few more scenes, she’ll get into the swing of things and really take off. Mr. Porn Geek is even thinking about reaching out and doing an exclusive release with this goddess – that’s how talented I think she is.

All you need to know about Dani Diaz

So this Latina is from Puerto Rico and is currently 21 years old. She’s also just 5 feet tall – another tanned petite girl that I’m fawning over. Anyone who reads Mr. Porn Geek regularly knows that when petite girls are concerned, I’m pretty much the go-to guy. The smaller they are, the easier it is to throw them around and do whatever you want. There’s just something so hot about being powerful and commanding over these types of ladies – especially when they’re sun kissed and cute like Dani Diaz! I mean let’s be real: if you saw this fresh starlet in the street, there’s no way that you’d think she’s into having her butt fucked. Though maybe once you saw that butterfly tattoo on her lower back, you might at least wonder. Gotta love a girl that has ink back there – pretty much guarantees that she loves getting fucked from behind, and based on how I’ve seen Dani Diaz get into it, she’s exactly like that!

Dani Diaz is an animal lover at heart, and since Mr. Porn Geek is a vegan – I really do appreciate that! She’s worked at a shelter before and that soft side is something that really shines through when Dani talks. She also has a fantasy of being double penetrated, which since she’s already doing anal as her first shoot – yeah, that tells you everything you need to know. I really do appreciate just how juicy and delicious this girl’s pussy looks too – those lips are about as perfect as they get.

There’s a great future for this pornstar, and Mr. Porn Geek will keep you updated with her progression in the industry. She claims that her OnlyFans is coming soon – if that’s the case, I’ll be cumming soon as well!

Take care and happy fapping – Mr. Porn Geek.