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Fling Preview

Be honest with me: can you think of an online community that sums up the ability for people to meet and have fun with others that is better than Fling.com? This place has been the go-to destination for many years and in my opinion, will always be the fuck hub that others try to base themselves upon. From the very start, you’re going to find that Fling is the most trustworthy and professional site out there for this type of thing. No fake profiles, no-nonsense: just hot singles that actually want to get it on.

Membership to the site is free, to begin with, and allows you to look through the members and receive messages. If you want to get in touch with others, you will have to grab yourself a paid membership, but the prices are fairly good and because this is one of the most trusted communities in the Fling genre, you can’t go wrong. Mr. Porn Geek’s professional opinion is that everyone should have a real good look at Fling.com before going onto other sites: it’s likely this one is going to be your best bet.

Fling Review

When you first get to the homepage, you’ll be asked a few questions to gauge your preferences. The first question it prompts you to is who are you: a man, woman, or couple. Then it asks who you are seeking: man, woman, or couple. Then it asks for your zip code and age. Then you will be prompted to enter a valid email address. The process is straightforward and gets you to where you want to be directed on the Fling platform.

Fling has several positive features that make the experience on the website great. One of my favorite things about the site is that they have a team working around the clock to make sure that there are no fake profiles filing in. The Fling team cares about how your experience flows.

There are a bunch of different ways to interact on Fling. Once you’re signed in, you’ll notice different areas to that I recommend taking a look at. A few of my favorite ways to narrow down my search on who to get to know is through the Who’s Online and Hotties section. What I like about the Hotties section is that it shows people who reside in your area. There is also an advanced search option to even further down your search.

This feature lets you choose things like age and sexual preference. There are also various ways of communicating with the people you want to get to know better. You no longer have to wait for someone to email you back as you can choose the chat option and have an in the moment conversation occur. You can also be on video with others should you so choose.

The customer service team is available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you choose to pick a membership that costs money, every time you make a payment it will go through a secure agent like Epoch.

Fling Bonus Content

Fling doesn’t offer access to bonus sites however, Fling.com is fantastic at what it does give member access to. You have access to meeting new people and getting your flirt on! You can even meet up with people you have a nice connection with and hookup. It’s 100 percent safe, secure, and fun. You can have an in-person or cybersexual experience depending on what you want and who you connect with.

Fling Discounts

There are several ways to become a member of Fling and there is even a basic free account. To join, you will be asked for a valid email address and password. Then you should be able to access the site. You will be shown a slew of photographs and asked to click on the pictures of people that you find attractive. This helps the site recognize who you may find attractive and will put more profiles of who you find attractive in front of you. The fact that Fling does not ask you to create a username makes it even easier to get logged in. All you do need to remember is the email you signed up with and a password.

There are a few different options for premium memberships. There are two main types of memberships: Silver and Gold and there are two options of membership with each main type. The 2 options with the Silver membership last for 1 month or 12 months depending on your preference. The one silver 1-month is $24.99 and for 12-months is $99.95. The 12-month package is worth it because it breaks down to only $8.33 per month. The Gold membership is a little more expensive but also has more benefits. The 1-month price is $34.95 and for 18-months it will cost you only $119.95, which comes down to only $5.55 per month. You can make a payment using any major credit card and it’s simple to make changes or cancel your membership at any point.

The Best of Fling

You never have to feel like you’re not protected on Fling. Fling.com is an established site with only real profiles and the Fling team even has people on the job to be sure there are no fake accounts or profiles created. The member base is varied and has men, women, and couples available to get to know. There is even a gay and lesbian section depending on your sexual preferences. The platform is often updated to the changing trends and interests of its users. There is also plenty of options and features to get acquainted with on Fling.

The Worst of Fling

There really are no problems with the way the Fling platform is set up. You do need to verify your age but that’s for the protection of yourself and others. You also may have a basic membership for free but will likely want the perks that the memberships include. Luckily, there are affordable options.

The Bottom Line About Fling

You should give Fling a try if you’re in search of meeting a cool person to have casual sex with, a new friend, something else or something in between. No matter what you’re looking for, you will likely be able to get what you want by becoming involved with the Fling platform. Most of the people on this site want to find someone to get it on with! This is ideal for anyone that’s curious or just wants to get some loving.

Review Pros
  • Established site
  • Real profiles
  • Best place to find flings
Review Cons
  • Have to pay for extras
  • Email required