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Be honest with me: can you think of an online community that sums up the ability for people to meet and have fun with others that is better than Fling.com? This place has been the go-to destination for many years and in my opinion, will always be the fuck hub that others try to base themselves upon. From the very start, you’re going to find that Fling is the most trustworthy and professional site out there for this type of thing. No fake profiles, no nonsense: just hot singles that actually want to get it on.

Membership to the site is free to begin with and allows you to look through the members and receive messages. If you want to get in touch with others, you will have to grab yourself a paid membership, but the prices are fairly good and because this is one of the most trusted communities in the Fling genre, you can’t go wrong. Mr. Porn Geek’s professional opinion is that everyone should have a real good look at Fling.com before going onto other sites: it’s likely this one is going to be your best bet.

Review Pros

  • Established site
  • Real profiles
  • Best place to find flings

Review Cons

  • Have to pay for extras
  • Email required