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A visit to Cam Recs – Mr. Porn Geek’s analysis

I’ve been involved in the webcam business for quite some time, and I think we can all agree that Mr. Porn Geek knows a thing or two about the game when it comes to live performances. Well today, I’m here to check out a place by the name of Cam Recs: the title should give you an idea of what they’re doing here! See, while plenty of services out there require you to be actually there when the action goes down, it’s not exactly easy when people have jobs and the need to sleep. In those instances, VOD playback is a good option to go for – and that’s exactly that Cam Recs is all about. Watch the best free cam shows from your favorite performers after the fact: sounds too good to be true, right? Well please: read on below and I’ll tell you all about this platform and what it has to offer!

The homepage of Cam Recs

The homepage here is devoted to showing you thumbnails of shows that the girls have appeared in and believe me – they’re doing a lot of work when it comes to the numbers game here. In the last day they’ve uploaded hundreds of different stream VODs from a range of different ladies and couples that you’re going to have a lot of fun exploring. I should let you know ahead of time that they current limit their uploads to three platforms: Cam4, Chaturbate and one of my personal favorites, My Free Cams. It’s nice to see a variety here and they’ve also got a nice variety of performers too. I’d actually hazard a guess that they don’t handpick any of the uploaded content – it’s all automatic and they just throw whatever they can at their archive. Especially since there are hundreds of hours of action being added to their database on a daily basis – not exactly easy to filter through and select from, is it?

If you scroll down through the homepage, you’ll eventually come to a pagination bar right at the bottom of the website. The great feature here is the last page option: currently located 2,586 entries deep on the site. Now, given that there are 24 uploads on each page, a quick piece of mathematics here allows us to work out that has over 60,000 uploads waiting for you to visit and enjoy – isn’t that something else? This place only started in October of 2021 too, and since it’s Jan of 2022 – well, they’ve done something that’s quite impressive indeed. I don’t know about you, but I’m unsure if there are any other camgirl recording services out there that host even half as much content as the guys at Cam Recs do. They’re going above and beyond to give you what you want, that’s for sure.

Some of the names at Cam Recs

Look: you’re going to find thousands of different performers here and because of that, you’ll get a mixture of good and bad when you go through the database. I will say that I noticed a few names here and I did think it was a good idea to share. Do the names loolypop24, crystalreves, AndreaThomson and EmiliaBrooks ring any bells? If so, you’re going to find all of them with at least one video here and in many cases, you get to see dozens of uploads from the same performer. That’s the great thing about camgirls: they’re always putting in the hours and when you find one you love, it’s a blast to go through her previous uploads via a service like Cam Recs and enjoy it for hours upon hours. This website does use a tagging feature too, so if you want to see more of the same from a specific girl, you can just click on her name in the archive area – no need to use a weird Google search or anything like that. Pretty neat actually – I wish more places bothered to allow you to see more of the same when you select someone you’re interested in!

Instant streaming via Cam Recs

Perhaps my favorite feature when it comes to Cam Recs is the fact that they offer you the ability to stream any and all uploads with no restrictions or nonsense. That’s right – while the other cam capping websites out there require you to visit a third-party host to get what you want, all you’ve got to do when it comes to Cam Recs is hit the play button! They essentially function as a tube for the best live models and I think that’s a highly commendable thing. Cam Recs also doesn’t lower the quality of what’s going on here – you can just enjoy the full HD glory of any girls who happen to stream in that resolution! The future of the bootleg model recording world is looking pretty damn good if it continues like this.

Some downsides about Cam Recs

I’m not going to complain for the sake of it, but I do think balanced reviews are a good idea. Now when it comes to Cam Recs, it’s important to point out that there are a few adverts here and second to that – no sorting options! Please, allow me to see the top rated and most visited uploads that you have available at the very least. This would make accessibility and getting my hands on the best cam caps that much easier.

A final say on

I’ve had a reasonably good experience when it comes to and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this project. It’s fresh as fuck and that’s both a blessing and a curse – it’s important to realize that a place like this could go offline at any moment, but if it manages to stick around for a few more years, we could very well be looking at the definitive destination of choice whenever you want to watch replays of your favorite models in action.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for reading guys – now get your ass over to and start jerking!

Review Pros
  • Huge content archive
  • 100+ daily uploads
  • Good quality videos
Review Cons
  • Limited sorting features