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Mr. Porn Geek visits Mint Boys

Now, I don’t think you need to be an expert on MPG to know that I’m not gay. I mean, sure – I’ve sucked a few cocks – but they all belonged to women! Nonetheless, it’s important for me to find good places for my gay readers to go: that’s why I’ve decided to write up a complete review on a spot by the name of MintBoys. This hub has been created as the best way for you to find gay escorts that can make all of your erotic dreams come true. I want to jump straight in and see what’s going on here, so let’s do exactly that! Read below for Mr. Porn Geek’s full, professional analysis of MintBoys.

First thoughts on MintBoys

When you land on the homepage, you’re immediately shown a number of gay escorts that you can engage with – these are popular guys that seem to get the most attention from people on the platform. Now the biggest ‘issue’ here is the fact that they’re all from different locations, so it’s not going to be localized to wherever you are. Still, it’s nice to see that in certain parts of the world, there are some hung studs that want to do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer. Scroll down a little on the homepage and you’ll find location-based action – this is where you’re going to want to go if you want to get a dude in your area.

Note that for the most part, Mint Boys is focused on the North American market. This does include Canada, and there are quite a few gay escorts in various Canadian cities for you to engage with, but the United States is the major player here and yeah – there are plenty of guys that are ready to get down and dirty. Pretty much every major city is accounted for here: you’ve got San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Austin, Las Vegas and Boston to name but a few. There is an international portal with links to the likes of Singapore, Paris and Sydney. I decided to take a quick look at Sydney and actually found quite a decent number of listings. Singapore had a lot less action, but there were still listings here – so hardly the end of the world. Might be worth a check no matter where you are on planet Earth!

Looking at gay escorts on MintBoys

Once you’ve decided on a city – I went with Miami – you’ll be presented with a grid-style layout of profiles that showcases their age, title and profile picture. There is a date attached to the profile too – I don’t know if this is when they made their first post or the last time they were on the platform, but my guess is that it was when they first started advertising on Mint Boys. For certain cities, gay men can post ‘premium’ adverts – they’ll appear all above the rest and you have to pay for this service. As you can imagine, good quality studs are displayed here – these dudes are probably the types that take their jobs seriously too, so if you want someone that’s going to pull out all of the stops, this is one place that you’re going to want to look at.

Looking at MintBoys profiles

Now, when you’ve got yourself a prospective gay escort that you like the look of: guy ahead and click on their profile. You’ll be presented with their locations, age, ethnicity, body type and then a section devoted to what the escort wants to share with you. MintBoys also has a nice section for multiple pictures and a lot of the gay dudes here are more than willing to show off everything that they’re working with. You’ll also learn that they have different personalities and approaches to their aesthetics – some guys are purely focused on sex and being holes for you to fuck, others are looking for a more sophisticated and cultured approach to gay escorting. I don’t mind which you go for – just know that Mint Boys can provide you both with no issues.

Some downsides of Mint Boys

I like to balance out reviews wherever I can, so I think it’s a good idea for me to touch on the downsides here. Firstly: there’s a complete lack of filtering. I don’t just mean that the filtering choices are bad – you just don’t have any past the city that you want to look in. You cannot select build, age or whether they provide full sexual services or just massages – most of the guys here are DTF and you can easily see what build they’ve got, but I think it makes sense to go ahead and allow me to really hone in on the type of escort I want. Especially when it comes to something like ethnicity.

Look, if I’m a rich twink in Los Angeles, newly 18 and I want to use daddy’s money to get ass fucked by a muscly black dude that’s going to absolutely destroy my boy pussy – that shouldn’t be difficult for me to do! Sadly, MintBoys makes me jump through hoops if this is my dream. Too bad. The website also doesn’t have a dark mode color scheme, meaning that if you’re looking at this site in the middle of the night – yeah, it might strain your eyes a little.

My conclusion on MintBoys

The fact of the matter is that there aren’t too many spots online for you to find good quality gay escorts, so despite there being a few flaws here at Mint Boys – they’re pretty damn good when you compare them up against the competition. The global focus of the website is nice, but again: you’re mainly going to find that those in North America get the highest number of adverts. I’d recommend checking this place out if you’re a guy that wants another guy to fuck – doesn’t get much more simple than that, right? Anyway, thanks so much for reading this professional review of MintBoys – I’ll see you in my next review!

Review Pros
  • Global website
  • No account required
  • Good picture quality
Review Cons
  • No dark mode
  • Limited filtering