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MrPornGeek heads on over to HomePornKing

HomePornKing is another impressive amateur porn site. Either I am starting to enjoy amateur porn, or amateur porn sites are stepping their game up because this has been about the 4th amateur site that I have enjoyed in a row! HomePornKing is a big collection of amateurs getting wild. I have not seen this many hot amateurs in one place ever, not even at that tryouts for Love Island. There are a shit load of sexy ladies on this site and they are all amateurs.

I am impressed with HomePornKing, but how will it fare in the rest of the review. Well, grab your dildo and let’s do this!

The design of HomePornKing

Well, the design of HomePornKing isn’t too good. However, I don’t actually mind how bad the design of this site is. HomePornKing is an amateur site, so it kind of makes sense that the site looks like a bag of dildos swinging in the wind.

The layout of the porn videos on here is also pretty bad, but again, this is an amateur site. There is no point in an amateur site looking like the pros, the porn could never stack up. So, with a bad layout and design, this site isn’t promising anything and I like that. Plus, the speeds on this site are perfect, so I have no issues with the design.

The porn on HomePornKing

You have to check the porn out on this site. Whether you are interested in amateurs or not, this site is good. Every amateur I have seen on this site so far is hot as fuck, and they are all naughty as fuck too. I’m sure that the uglies are hiding just around the corner, but so far, I am really enjoying the porn on HomePornKing.

Additional features for HomePornKing to consider

Normally, I would tell HomePornKing to fix their design and layout, but I think this site should leave it. Honestly, the bad design and layout don’t distract from the porn, and it suits the site. The only thing I would say that HomePornKing could add would be descriptions for the videos, there are none on the main page of porn and so you often can’t figure out what is going on in the porn.

The Geeks final thoughts on HomePornKing

HomePornKing is fantastic. I am surprised by this, I thought this porn site would be shit, but the amateurs on it are fucking amazing! Also, the slightly bad design of this site is comforting, it isn’t promising you anything and so when the porn is good, you are surprised!

Plus, there is a shit load of this good amateur porn on HomePornKing too. There is everything from cheeky blowjobs by lakes to creampies and fucking everything. Whether you like amateur porn or not, check HomePornKing and be surprised just like I was.

Review Pros
  • Impressive amount of porn
  • Lots of good amateurs
Review Cons
  • No video descriptions