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Free Amateur Porn at HotScope

Watch live and pre-recorded sex shows on this site. Girls that are using Periscope gathered into one place for you to enjoy some free amateur porn. When you first load up the website you are greeted with a nice page of thumbnails with girls that are complete amateurs showing off on video for the world to see. The top row has Recent Uploads, below that is Live Right Now. Under that row, we have Trending Periscope Videos and below that Trending Snapchat Videos. Lastly on the page is a row of thumbnails with Trending Porn Videos. Each row shows six thumbnails. Also to the right of each row there is a link for more. If you want to see more live girls than are just on the front page click that and it will load up the entire page with live girls for you to choose from.

Live Videos at HotScope

There are actually totally live videos that you can click on and watch immediately. I just clicked on a super hot little petite blonde girl that calls herself Kipsy420. She is chatting and has her tits out while rubbing her tight little pussy. She seems to love the interaction with horny viewers. Some of these girls have over 10,000 visitors! Typically what these girls do is have a goal and once they reach enough tips they reward the room with that goal. For example, reach this goal and she will use a toy, or reach this girl and she will fuck her ass with the toy. If its a couple there will be things like reach this final goal and he will fuck and creampie me or shoot his load on my face, etc.

There are some really hot babes showing off those tight bodies for us to get some tips. You can watch the video of the girl right here on this site but when you click the video it takes you to her Chaturbate site. So this site is really good for gathering up these hot babes and putting them in one place for us to enjoy. Clicking on another live girl she is sitting in her living room in a chair. Her video is really amazing and crystal clear. On top of her video, she has an overlay of her twitter and her Instagram. When you click her video it also takes you directly to her Chaturbate page. So if you feel the need to tip one of these girls you can head over there and do so.

Menu area and Best Parts of HotScope

There is a menu that is closed but you can open it up by clicking the three lines at the top left of the page, this brings up a menu with Live, Recent, Popular, Periscope, Snapchat, Porn, and Categories. Below that is Sign up and Login. Clicking on categories brings up a page with 18 category thumbnails with the name of each category under the picture. I clicked on Lesbian and it brought up a ton of videos of hot lesbian babes. These are not live videos but definitely a very nice collection of amateur sex videos.

Some of these videos are very short, like under 1 minute. Others are longer. They are uploaded by users. So it appears that once you sign up as a user you can upload these videos. This turns out to be true. Clicking Signup brings up a page that says if you sign up for free you can upload your videos, add favorite videos to your library and get access to exclusive videos. So, sounds like a no brainer to sign up here. Signing up was quick and easy and logged me right in. Once logged in you have access to upload videos.

Things I did not like of HotScope

It was not really clear that there was a menu to check out more things and to sign up, I had to just find that on my own. But after finding it there was a lot of good stuff in there including the free signup. After you sign up you have listed in the menu Account and under that is Profile, Likes, Upload, and Settings. You cannot download videos. You can favorite videos but must sign up for free to do so. Not much of an issue there. The videos may seem a little out of focus, what I can see is they are like that because they are somehow closer to the girl, like they zoomed in or cropped the video, but then if you click the video it takes you to her site and it’s perfectly clear. That is about it for negative things. This is a nice free site.

The Verdict about HotScope

Who does not like live hot girls getting naked and talking to you live for free right? You can head to this site and just not even leave the first page to see some super hot young babes teasing on the camera and getting nude. Some fuck toys, some are doing things with other girls or even sucking and fucking live for us. The video streaming directly to this site is not quite as clear because somehow they are cropping the videos by zooming in a little bit, so that seems to give us just a little bit less quality. But you can always click the video and go directly to the girl’s page whatever website she is on and it becomes crystal clear.

A Few More Words about HotScope

This is a very nice solid website with a really nice design that makes it super easy to get right to the live girls or recorded videos and have some fun checking out these hot sluts that love showing off for the world. Some of these girls are getting railed by their man live on cam. I just watched a super hot slut getting her pussy fucked hard while also having a remote control vibe deep inside her pussy. Head on over to this site and see some girls fuck toys or even suck and fuck for free. I signed up for free and bookmarked so you should do the same. Very hot stuff.

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  • Tons of Porn Videos
  • Snapchat
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